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If Andy ever figures out a way to stop Bronto cheating the voting then a reward system for points would be a great idea. As it stands though it would just be a joke.

Bronto should honestly just move to Voat or one of the Chans where the rest of the fascists and shitlords congregate. They'll love him there

Too bad you can't get 1,000 points, one point for each of your puppet accounts, eh nom?

Is it true that you have to WIN debates in order to trade your points in for cool stuff? Apparently, so. Who decides who wins? I dunno.. My tickets just showed up in my inbox.

What have YOU won

I won amazing good looks, just as I did at birth. Prove me wrong.

In other words, you are Nom, aka Factmachine, and a puppet with nom's hand up your puppety ass.

Got a bun full of sausage as we speak, eh nom? You are a full blown sausage gobbling jackass, aren't ya nom? Tell us the truth on your banana gobbling chimpanzeeness habits. We won't judge you, as far as you know.

I don't think so Nom. Sucking dong dogs is exactly the language you speak, eh nom?

No one burps, slirps, and speaks dong better than thou.

I don't think so Nom. When I say wank, I don't mean that. I mean a hot dog. You sucked one dry this morning, didn't you Nom?

You sucked one until there was no possible more sucking possible. Admit I'm correct.

Even if it doesn't cure you it still gets you high. How can you lose?

Erectile Dysfunction.

Anymore questions?

Yeah, he strikes me as one of these idiots who takes a cocktail of pharmaceuticals every day and then sneers when he sees teenagers smoking weed in the subway.

Sucked a wank thinking it was a bong this morning, eh nom?

I see what the problem is here.

You shouldn't have stayed at the bumfuk ghetto suburb, but should have went to the actual bumfuktopia, eh Con?

It's about like judging LA by staying in Compton... I live near Edmond, which is a little closer to judging LA by Beverly Hills.

Next time don't judge a house by going directly to the bathroom and examining only the toilet.

A shithole city, eh con?

Never Forget Kids. Conservatives Killed Jesus.

Your problem being that the people who had him killed were virtue signalers who hated Jesus. Today we call Jesus hating virtue signalers, leftists.

So many parallels that he was able to convince them he was the Islamic end times messiah.

I'm just going to say it, plain fucking retarded.

You never don't say that from your mommy's basement.

This incessant projection you do where you literally accuse your enemies of all of your own crimes

No. You literally adhere to an ideology that plays with the nutsack of another ideology that is/was so Nazi-like that it thought Hitler was its Messiah...

The Iranian leaders aren't the ones who were busted for reading Hitler speeches.

Among the themes of German propaganda was the notion that Hitler was the Shiite Messiah, or Twelfth Imam, who had returned to destroy the Jews. Hitler’s struggle was compared to the struggle of the Prophet Mohammed against the Jews, drawing parallels between chapters from the Quran about Prophet Mohammed’s clashes with Jewish tribes in Arabia to Shi’ite Iranian hostilities.

Just wtf do the Iranians have to do with Nazism you moron

The fact Shias praise Hitler and hate Jews. You'll figure it out...if you want to...

But you like foreign fascist regimes, don't you nom?

Are we responsible for your absurd horror stories about "threats to the west"? Statistically, the United States of America is THE MOST AGGRESSIVE country on the face of the planet. Understand? YOU ARE THE THREAT

Obama bombing like a psychopath doesn't make me a threat. It makes you a threat. You voted for the bomb dropper. It's a first grade correlation, but I think you can grasp it if you put your head in the toilet and flush 5 times then drink from said toilet like a dog. You should do that. Go ahead.

Are you PART of the world and responsible for it or ALONE and not responsible for ANYTHING

Am I responsible for China's threat to the West? No. Bill Clinton started that.

Am I responsible for Iran's blitzkrieg into Nazism? No. Obama helped them.

I'm responsible for trying to talk some sense into self hating leftists hellbent on marching lockstep with the Communists and jihadists.

Looks like my hands are clean. How about yours?

Defending the Jew hating Islamo Nazi regime in Tehran, eh Con? Am I surprised? No. That's what left wing Jews do. Root for their oppressors who want to genocide them...

Why? I can't get in the leftist brain to know the answer to that. I like myself.

Republicans Want To Abolish The Constitution Completely!

You're right. Pretty stupid.

Still not engaging debates on British politics because you aren't really British like you claim, eh Nom?

It's true. They were unfamiliar with the brain of a Vulcan because it had too much activity...

A small list of things Democrats claimed to be against, & then showed their true colors

Nice of you to make it small. You could have made it extremely long...

In MY world, when MILLIONS of people take to the streets to TELL an authoritarian government that you will NOT silence us, and you will NOT take our freedom away, is as LEFT wing as you get

Except that the left is shadow banning, censoring, trying to overturn inalienable rights, running people out of restaurants, and using violence to silence anyone who isn't them on college campuses. Not to mention, taking the Redcoats exact position on taxing us into oblivion against our will.

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