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What are you blathering about you complete idiot?

You know what I'm talking about. Or? You're too stupid to comprehend it...

You can't randomly change the subject and then claim I'm ignorant about your random subject change you nonsensical bucket of alligator piss.

Looks like I just did. I must be a wizard.

I didn't pretend anything was liberalism you twit. I didn't even mention liberalism.

You aren't liberal. You're a nutjob Communist.

I said that Ex Con acts like a conservative.

Too stupid to be able to seperate fiscal from social eh you stupid little wanker?

Go take a long walk in heavy traffic you obnoxious dickhead.

Passive aggressive babblings.

I have one account. You are mistaken. Anything else?

You wouldn't want to because you've never been without them. Why is the world required to take care of every need for someone who refuses to stop breeding...

I'm going to retire in a few years and I expect to get Social Security, Medicare and Medicade, programs I've paid into my entire life.

Sure, you'll take what you can get. It's human nature. To act like a human is owed them by default, or that people who refuse to stop breeding are owed simply for being born is a laugh.

What a silly debate. Animals also crap on the ground. Should humans do that too?

They already do.

Bwahahahahaha! Right...the pre monkey survived because of its intellectualism, not its instinct to kill or be killed, have animalistic breeding practices, and its instinct to protect the pack...

The leftists claiming to be poor have more and easier lives than kings of the past.

which will only be possible once the public does not consist of gibbering retards.

So I guess they'll be killing you first...

Yeah, I dunno what it means either..

Stop stealing my answer for when someone says "democratic socialism".

Conservanazi is ignorant to the fact that what was defined as liberal for centuries looks nothing like what he is now pretending is liberalism.

Marxism isn't liberal. It's tyrannical totalitarianism.

while using one of the two hundred sock accounts you keep for the purpose of spreading vile Nazi propaganda.

I have one account. You on the other hand would be the site's point leader by far if you could stick to one account...

Die bronto.

Speaking of psychopaths ...

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