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Except that the creator of fascism designed it after Communism

how will anyone who doesn't want to be in a theocracy of rape get out of it?

The same way America did in the 1700s.

Leftists and Islam have Thing A in common but not Thing B. They have the "America must be changed/destroyed"thing in common. Where they go from there they lose each other. A Communist "utopia" or the Caliphate.

If they could get rid of us, they'd wind up in a war with each other for final control.

Yet more of your tedious neo-Nazi trash:-

I wouldn't challenge the content either. Retreat. Good move.

Does the tea stain on my white carpet make it brown

Why do you have a tea stain on your white carpet? It's not really a tea stain is it nom?

Does the tea stain on my white carpet make it brown


There is nothing revolutionary about 30,000 unnecessary

Most are suicides, not homicides. The rest are gangs who obviously won't be disarming.

completely preventable deaths each year, dumbass. It's just plain unadulterated buffoonery. The American gun industry is literally funded by blood money.

NRA members aren't guilty of committing homicides. People in liberal cities are.


I enquired. Nothing says Christchurch was by a Christian. Off ya go.

You do not stand against murder.

Sure I do. Probably why I'm not fond of Jihadis and Communists.

You stand against Islam because you are a religious

I'm not religious.

bigot and a dangerously insane far right lunatic.

I'm an Independent Centrist. I voted for Bill Clinton.

How about we start with the murdered journalist in Londonderry not a week ago? Then how about we look at the Christchurch shooter and all the people he murdered?

You just claimed religion has no wing, so prove they were by Christians.

You keep attacking Islam while defending a religion which is equally destructive.

Which makes your alliance with Islam no less nonsensical even if it were true.

I've made the point that Islam has absolutely nothing to do with the far right

It's right wing by definition, but let's go with that. By your logic, Christians nor Jews are right wing, thus your attack on them is nonsensical. No surprise there.


Islam doesn't have anything to do with the far right you astonishingly stupid moron. Millions of Muslims fought Hitler during WW2. You are shockingly dumb buddy. Shocking.

You've made no point here. People don't fight wars based on political wings. They fight wars because their governing bodies tell them to.

By your logic, the invasion of Poland by the Nazis and the Russians is impossible, due to a common wing by deduction with one of them.


Christian militias in Central African Republic 'burnt witches at stake', says UN report

You keep repeating a years old incident. I can give you fringe Atheist groups killing people. More importantly, unlike Atheism and Christianity, I can give you a list a mile long on Islam from recently.

Who even cares what a religious nutcase shouts before he kills you in the first place, you gargantuan idiot?

Someone pointing out you are allied with and defending the far right.

It doesn't translate to "God asked me to kill you".

It does if you kill me after saying it.

Shut your lying mouth, hypocrite. That phrase literally translates to "God is great".

No shit. That makes my point.

it is a cross of Jesus drawn in fresh blood from an animal sacrifice. Although slaughter for sacrifice contradicts a basic belief of Christianity, it is practiced by local Catholics, Greek Orthodox and other Christians at the ruined Byzantine church of Saint George in the village of Taybeh, 20 miles from Jerusalem.

So you've shown us a fringe example similar to the fringe groups of Atheists who practice blood rituals. All Muslims worldwide participate in Haj. That'd be 1.5 billion people.

Your double standards are so far beyond understandable you might as well be living on a different planet.

I take it you won't be providing us terrorism statistics worldwide.

Shut your face you hypocrite. You label Islam a "religious death cult"

They do take part in blood rituals and live animal sacrifices at Haj.

while you simultaneously walk around with a permanent erection for Christianity, a religion which has killed TENS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE

1)Islamic jihadists say "alahu akbar" before they kill, meaning by mouth, they are telling us the kill was in the name of their religion.

Show us a long list similar to the jihadist list of people openly killing "in the name of Christianity" by mouth.

Then provide us the list between Christians and Muslims worldwide and who killed more in the last decade or in any given year in the last decade.

2)You're trapped in your own logic. Regardless of your response to the above, if we are far right for religious fundamentalism, you are still allied with a far right fundamentalist group that you defend despite their being far right, religious fundamentalists.


I think that once you are so far left that you circle around back to the right, you have gone too far left

Kind of like going so far left that you ally with a foreign far right religious death cult?

How far right do you think is too far right?

The left says any amount right is too far right. In your case you even call liberals who don't agree with you "far right", so tell us, how far left is too far left?

but that isn't an argument against deterrence, so long as deterrence does indeed work

Prohibition has a nasty history of making things worse. In this case, if you implemented this idea in America, 30,000 gangs would definitely not disarm, militia groups would not disarm, and you'd probably just wind up with hundreds of millions of undocumented secret guns.

It would take Waco times 100,000 to credibly enforce any such rule in America, and in reality, I believe a strong majority of cops wouldn't enforce it due to their own ideology on the 2nd Amendment being a right that is "self evident" and an "inalienable right endowed by our creator".

Also, if you look at it from reality, any theoretical country one thinks gun control would theoretically work, doesn't have a document that most of the country respects saying our gun rights cannot be taken away even by the government. Too many Americans ideologically believe that if the government tries to take your guns, you take out that government with those same guns.

Mexico has very strict gun laws but some of the worst gun violence in the world. Why? When you let hundreds of millions of people arm themselves, it's way too late to attempt a gun grab. Also, the government isn't powerful enough to attempt such a grab, and the people, gangs, and cartels know it.

In the case of America, right wingers know that a government who is physically unable to control its border is physically unable to grab their guns.

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