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I'm a lib.. I've been hearing that we use Saul Alinsky tactics for years.. But, I don't actually know what they are.. You oughta be able to point one out to me, especially if it's so bizarre..

It can be summed up by this. Using tactics that if your friends used them, you'd unfriend them. The tactics of the left are tactics that libs themselves claim are evil. You pretending to be mad, fake outrage, fake rallies and riots, pretending to be your opponent and doing vile things under the banner of your opponent. More? Using violence to shut up your opponent, using shoutdowns to shut up your opponent, using a list of names to call someone when they make points in order to shut down debates. More? Using a receipt from earlier and grabbing the exact same stuff to get by the Walmart greeter. You know. Traits that if your spouse exhibited, you'd toss em out of the house or if your child exhibited, you'd wonder where you went wrong as a parent...

By the way, is there something illegal about Saul's stuff?

I'd call it pushing the boundries of legality and in some cases, absolutely illegal. Vandalization, assault, and attacking or killing police officers is illegal.

Is it unfair? Why do his tactics piss off the right wing so much?

Because someone pretending to take a position and then pretending to be you to slander you, blocking you from all outlets of speech, or using violence and gas lighting to drown you out and shut you up is...pure evil.

Or have the rules changed on what evil is since the Marxists and Alinskyites started coming out of the closet in mass? Oh wait.

People on this site are very argumentative.

Not me. Now fight me cause I'm bored.

Whitey came to the New World

The Muslims and the Asians took every piece of land, which equal well more than the white world, by imperialistic force.

But libs hate history when it doesn't line up with Marx...

Intelligence is left wing.

Right. That's why libs can't figure out if a penis makes a baby a boy...

Masculinity and Femininity are right wing.

Female masculinity and male femininity are left wing.

It's why liberals often have f*cked up relationships, or like most cases, no relationships.

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