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When are libs gonna get child brides like the Muslims?

IF Oklahoma City became world class

There's no if about it Con. Come visit. You won't wanna go back to the knuckle dragging, bearded women in Seattle.

But I didn't post it. Why would I post a debate in which I impersonate myself, you fucking idiot?

Good question. You do and say a lot of stupid shit.

You just keep saying the most incredibly stupid things. What an absolute retard.

Nom, I'm not interested in the things you say to yourself in the shower.

I have already proven that your claim is false

Nope. I read your article. Nowhere does it imply women are attracted to beta males or beta behavior.

Clearly you have had zero success with women

I have children. You have blue balls.

I also find it baffling that you can arbitrarily decide all women want to be dominated

Name a woman who doesn't, and show us video of her man.

and then two minutes later accuse somebody else of being mentally retarded

You literally wear a helmet in your Skyrim dungeon.

then you said you were retired at age 20?

Your failure to understand sarcasm has been noted.

In other words, you aren't retired, but the idiot figured it out pretty quick.

You sure do talk about molesting kids a lot, don't you Nom?

I do when I'm around you, sure, because you're making it so obvious that your understanding of female psychology only extends up to 13 year old girls.

Uh huh. So show us any male OR female attraction expert who says to act beta. I'll wait.

The name of that thread is LITERALLY, "How I imagine other CD Members sounding

I have no idea what kind of fucked up shit you posted. You tell us.

you were STILL stupid enough to think the audio clip impersonating me was genuine?

In other words, "Sherlock-" is your puppet account.

Cool. Remember when you were arrested for molesting kids?

Nope. Remember when you hated capitalism because you have to oppress to make money, then you said you were retired at age 20?

The problem is that you are just too stupid to hide your own perversion. The reason you think the opposite sex wants to be dominated is because you are a predatory paedophile.

You sure do talk about molesting kids a lot, don't you Nom? It must be on your mind.

Nom allowing us to hear him sound like a big, fat dork living in a dungeon- How IimagineCDmemberssounding

In other words, is name calling a good look for the Dems?

Since when weren't libs name calling...

What are you even talking about

You know what I'm talking about. When you lose track of your alts, I don't.

Morons like you really make me shake my head in bafflement

When jagaloons obsessed with a debate site to the point of never leaving it prod me, I take it as a compliment. You understand.

because it's like your learning just stopped at high school, when girls were 13 and loved to date bad boys

Right. That's why every attraction expert says to be one, and none say be a beta male.

I typed in "act like a beta male". No article or video saying to do it to attract women came up. Literally zero.

I do consider him to be an psychology. He doesn't support your claim. I consider attraction experts to be experts in attraction. Not only do they not support your claim. They reject it.

Ahahahaha! You literally don't even know who I am, let alone how many women I have slept with.

We've heard your voice on your stupid "what people on this site sound like" debate. Sounded like the guy from Silence of the Lambs keeping girls in his dungeon.

We also know you are never not on here, which leaves time for zero interactions with females, much less sex.

It's MY experience that women get juicy wet

Probably explains why white libs aren't reproducing, but minorities, who act masculine, are.

Let's see. I said dating and attraction expert. A lib, beta psychologist is neither.

Secondly, your lib psychologist nowhere says to act weak or that women don't want to be led or that women are attracted to beta males. Why? Because biology and psychology don't support that position.

So in reality you haven't actually made a point.

You are literally, LITERALLY, more stupid than a block of cheese.

I got laid more as a teenager than you have in your entire life, know...

Wharton psychologist Adam Grant says men should learn to listen like they’re wrong

For the past seven years, Adam Grant, age 37, has been rated the top professor at The Wharton School.

Nothing you posted is a dating and attraction expert telling men to act weak, needy and/or beta.

They might dominate areas, but they wouldn't dominate most of the nation's territory.

And if only men voted, you'd have to move to that little blue spot in California or never leave Seattle... What dothesetwomapsmeaninyouropinion

But let's keep it real Con. The "If only men voted" map looks strangely similar to Trump's electoral map, even with women voting. PresidentialElectionbyCounty.svg/1280px-2016PresidentialElectionbyCounty.svg.png

Are you fucking stupid?

Smarter than you. Not that that means much.

Women are not a single united consciousness.

They are on this issue. There's a reason no expert teaches men to act beta to get a woman. Even feminine lesbians only date masculine lesbians. Feminine is only attracted to masculine.

"Everyone has a masculine and feminine energy within them. However most people are naturally on one end of the spectrum or the other. People with opposite energies will attract sexually. It’s called sexual polarity."

Different women want different things

Yeah, but not on this issue.

Women in the blue zones

It looks like most of the nation would still be conservative even if only women voted. You looking at some other map? What dothesetwomapsmeaninyouropinion

Women in the blue zones have PROGRESSED into the 21st Century.

Right. That's why they see a woman covered from head to toe, see women sold as sex slaves and don't say shit.

Does it surprise me that you DENY reality?? Nahh..

Oh? So let's look at reality. Progressivy non bumfuk Seattle lost its team to bumfuky Oklahoma City...

Tell me more.

By the way.. I see you don't think we're EVER gonna run out of oil.. DUDE!

Not in my lifetime or any time soon. In the meantime, come up with a real way to efficiently power our lives with science and shit.

Is that what they teach you in church??

I don't go to church, so no telling. Do you think they do sermons on oil? Me neither...

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