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You aren't wrong. You just have no party to actually get anything done with. So be Conservative and vote for the closer of the two to common sense. The Abolitionists during Lincoln's day were Republican, per say, but did ally with them because it was the only way to get ANY of the things they wanted and believed in.

Both. I believe a god can create thing by any means he chooses, from Evolution, to a computer simulation, to an abstract reality in his mind, to even making a man appear in a "naturalistic"reality. If God can do anyTHING, He can create any WAY.

Yep. Eventually you will think about and desire to do something evil even if you don't act on it. You might would act on it if you thought you wouldn't get caught.

I sin like it's going out of style. I think I'm a sin machine point of fact.

Actually every scientist or philosopher that I've ever heard propose Simulation Theory was a Liberal.

Make a home video and post a link to it, so we can see it. Make a fool of yourself. Do it...

1) I have no other accounts.

2) So give us the link to the thread so we can all check it out.

Their sermons are on youtube and their own websites, and their congregations are huge. The sermons sound Hitlerian. The Qur'an says Jews are to be killed by name.

They skip the camps and go directly to beheading.

There are more pro Hitler Muslims in Michigan alone than white supremacists in the entire country.

There are millions of Democrat Muslims who are antisemitic and support Hitler's positions on "Zionism".

Once again bronto, this a thorough abuse of language. 

In grown up world we call them facts. That icky feeling you are getting is called cognitive dissonance.

Supporting Evidence: Cognitive dissonance (

They are experts at using words to attack people, with little or no interest in reasoned discussion.

Yes. They call themselves "Social Justice Warriors". You use reason, they begin chanting slogans, calling you racist, or trying to shout you down when they have lost the intellectual side of the debate.

Bwahahahaha! Having a meltdown eh rusticus? If CNN throws out enough accusations at Trump, eventually something will stick. Well... maybe that's an overstatement...

Holocaust deniers and Jew haters are some disturbing little creatures, eh Con?

Because liberals aren't just in America...*

1 point

There are millions of Democrat Muslims who are antisemitic and support Hitler's positions on "Zionism". Face it. Your party has a much bigger pro Hitler population than mine does.

Because her husband is white. Why does she have a black dildo? Black fetish?

The Democrats would lie or cheat or be dishonest in a heartbeat so why not.

You should watch them twice. The Marvel characters dance in the nude covered in pie if you watch em twice. If it doesn't happen, demand your money back and make a scene. Make sure and capture the scene on your phone and post the video here so we can see it.

What creeps you out, that she has it or the doll itself?*

I thought the doll itself was a dildo.*

Probably explains why he would randomly start dancing eh "C"?

I don't keep an Obama doll in my purse. I don't have a purse or the doll. Do you?

So "Quantomhead", did your NumberOne account get shut down, or are you just simply cycling through puppet accounts?

Only honest people have a "depressing" worldview


1)Many honest people are "happy".

2)There are dishonest people who are "unhappy".

3)You are the most dishonest person on the site and have emassed an army of puppets larger than the population of London.

LMAO. Is that right? Okay, let your little liberal gremlins run out in the street. It's on your conscience, not mine.

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