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You are Nom, but this puppet account is equally as stupid as your nom account.

while I get things done well into my 90s.

You'll not be doing anything tomorrow, a year from now, ten years from now.

You won't live to be 60, much less 90.

I have far more ambition than you

I'm retired and fought in a war.

You play Skyrim and use your foodstamp card to eat.

No one ever gets rich by working for someone else you idiot.

You don't work for anyone or yourself. You are a failure. Failures run to the state to fill that failure.

Seeing you are a Nihilist, does any of it really matter...

I mean, WHO buys rocks?

Meth addicts buy rocks, eh Con?

Your HATRED of liberals..

I don't think so Con. Most real liberals switched parties a few years back. Now it's your turn.

This fuck also suggests that libs are Nazis. I'm NOT a fucking Nazi.. I take exception to those who call me a Nazi.

Real liberals are not Nazis, and those running the Democratic Party are not Liberals. They sure do hate Jews alot though, eh Con? Does Ilhan Omar need a swastika to say how much she hates Jews? Nope. The swastika is implied.

Look.. The post suggests that libs are commies... I'm a lib.. I ain't a fucking commie.. I take exception to those who say I am, no matter what their name is

It's more like fake preachers getting powerful off of being something they are not. It is the same with those running the Democratic Party. You're being sold a bag of shit disguised as...well...a bag of shit.

Why would I call socialists, libertarians, liberals or even (genuine) Conservatives fascists, you absurdly stupid clown?

Good question, but you do and have. Why? Because you are a Nihilist. You have no standards as a Nihilist, and see your religious ideology simply as revenge for being born stupid.

Stupid insults and attacks are still stupid when they rhyme

Yes, but he thought the shiny rhyme might cover his sickening hatred for Jews...

No. It would take "blue collar coal miners" out of the mines and train them to build wind generators and solar panels

So you'd create even more pollution.

And have a less powerful and dependable energy source. Congrats on that. You should stop listening to the Communist overlords and start thinking for yourself.

I would say, the easiest way, would be to BE GAY!

Your brain finally fully bastardized right and wrong, eh Al? Can you fuck your daughter? If not, why not?

1 point

I don't know. I've never lived in a "socialist society"

You'd better get prepared then. It's coming.

You'd need a job and ambition to become rich. You don't have either.

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Yes, back in the 50's, the GOP USED to be like the Democrats of today.

Seriously Al? A generation that acted like the Andy Griffith Show were using gender pronouns, censoring anyone who disagreed with violence, painting their hair neon colors, having gay pride parades, screaming about identity politics...

You are completely full of shit. Maybe you can fool yourself...

Trumpsters and communists ain't gonna give it to us!

Trump is the only one standing between us and Communism right now.

The entities attacking him relentlessly are literally run by Communists. The media agencies going after him are literally run by Communists. The intelligence agencies that targeted him were literally run by Communists. Do youfinditatalloddthatourintelligenceagencieswerefullofCommies

Nope, I've seen the communists and their results, first hand. I want NOTHING to do with them

Better quit voting their overlords into power then, or switch parties.

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DO TELL! Can you tell U.S. what the fascists of old told THEIR followers to use once they infiltrated the western governments??

Yes. The creator of Fascism, Giovanni Gentile was a left wing Communist. What? CNN didn't tell you? Dude!

Or it's providing a cozy home, thus changing it would be stupid.

Are you admitting paying for sex with underage Filipino boys?

Freudian slip, eh nom?

You are running the Bootes Void.

Sometimes you are rig … um … correct, 666.

666 in the Bible stands for an omnipotent state that rations food and healthcare as long as your allegiance is to it. Isn't that interesting?

Good thing there are still some classical liberals around trying to defend U.S. from Putin

The Democrat Party has notoriously bedded with Russia for decades.


He was launching rockets everywhere. Then Trump...

the Saudi's (that paid for and supplied the 9/11 attackers) You know … MBS and company??

----- ClintonIsGreetedBySaudiForeignAffairsMinisterPrinceSaudal-Faisal.jpg

----- .jpeg

You know, the "family values" people??

You mean Mike Pence, Mitt Romney, John McCain. Yes. I've heard of em.

The "reduced spending" people??

This administration has spent far less than Obama, and when it has spent, the Democrats have acted elated.

The "defend our allies" people??

Yes. We are allies with Israel again. Thanks to Trump...

By the way, have you seen any "classical Republicans" lately?

No. The party moved left. Your party moved left too, into the abyss of psychopathy.

Washington Post reports Obama FBI sought phone records and emails of Fox News reporter, James Rosen, as part of spying case against goverment official

1 point

"Freedom of speech defending"?????????????? (Getting bad habits from outlaw, sheesh!) This is THEE most First Amendment destroying "administration

Obama literally targeted reporters with intelligence agencies.

Your obvious problem being that Mueller's team won't be investigating or prosecuting Mueller's team...

Cool. But your plan gives prescriptions. Unpaid ERs do not.

Once you start filling "free" prescriptions for illegals, your plan and the medical system will tank in a week, not to mention the flood of people with serious airborne diseases.

We have a doctor shortage because being in that field sucks. You're going to make it suck worse and pay them less.

Your plan creates the plague.

Your problem being that your "actual sources" are legitimate fake news platforms registered with MediaBiasFactCheck.Com

Media Bias Fact Check: Incompetent or Dishonest?

Copying and pasting links nonrelated to the titles you give them again, eh Nom?

Contrary to your idiotic protests, that DOES goddamned matter

You're such a brazen far left shill with such a massive reputation for telling lies that nobody with even a shred of intelligence is ever going to take a word you say seriously.

That's like sourcing Hitler's promise not to annex Czechoslovakia and then claiming "doesn't matter" when we point out that your source is politically biased

It's true. You really do have a lot of explaining to do. When NomtriestopaintGoebellsasaright_winger

How does it not matter that, instead of sourcing news platforms, you are sourcing far right political platforms?

Because the wing of a source means nothing concerning common knowledge. If CNN or Fox News says "the sky is blue", it's not left or right wing bias.

Are you actually legitimately retarded bronto?

No. You and I are not related. You're a white privileged, self loathing piece of dog shit.

Hey, you stole my response when you babble on like a toddler playing with its food.

Are mainstream puppet democrats who serve the Dark Lords of wallstreet a threat to America being blessed with social democracy?

Democracy? You mean mob rule.

America isn't a Democracy and for good reason. Democracies only favor the majority. Constututional Republics like ours protect everyone.

I've showed it to you before.. Didja forget?? You don't quote MY plan.. I dunno WHY.. Is that cause the math adds up?

There is no math. Our national debt is climbing right now. It's not going down. You plan on spending MORE. And to cover costs for an unknowable amount of foreigners you plan on covering, you'll wind up taxing the shit out of us and still not have enough to cover it. Thus? The rationing begins, eh Con?

There's a symbol for your plan.

We've HAD this argument.. Last time you were quoting FOX News.. This time it's the liberal media.. But, I'm not FOX News, and I'm NOT the liberal media, and I have a plan that takes care of EVERYBODY for EVERYTHING with money LEFT over

This is a nonsensical statement on its face. You have no way to know if you'll have anything left over, seeing you plan on providing for illegals, seeing illegals could be 12 million up to 7 billion.

We got a bunch of people from Congo here illegaly the other day. Imagine when we put your plan in place...

Your pretty pictures unmasks one thing, and one thing only: Your HATRED of liberals..

Actually it unmasks that the Democratic Party has been compromised. Diversity can sometimes be good, but in some cases it isn't always our strength. In this case, it destroyed your party.

Hence, Conservatives like to vet people. Maybe the classical liberals of old, who were real liberals, should have tried it...

I'll give you a hint. Many times your enemy enters your life with a bullshit smile and a wielded knife behind his back. I like to check for the knife. You like to check for the smile.

"We must hate. Hatred is the basis of Communism. Children must be taught to hate their parents if they are not Communists."

Lenin, Vladimir Ilich (13 November 1905), "Party Organisation and Party Literature", Novaya Zhizn (Marxists) (12).

Your problem being mine are actual quotes from actual sources.

Was that all you had? I expected more and better. Pity.

Yes. We know that leftists think facts are retarded. Sadly I can't offer you the fairytales and utopian fantasies you so desperately long for like a child. It's adult time now...

That website is right wing, therefor I don't believe anything it says

Doesn't matter. It's common knowledge. It's a quote from his own mouth in a magazine.

Democratic Party Fairy dust. Duh...

Trump: "I would ACCEPT information on my opponent from foreign governments"

Hillary: I DID accept information on my opponent from foreign nationals.

I agree for the most part. To me it's like this. Trump is a bull in a china shop, exposing anything and everyone around him, and as long as he remains President, the revelations continue. If they finally get him out of power, which I doubt, we'll be left with a man as President who is so clean he never says a curse word or talks to another woman without his wife present...

Either way, I win...

"Let me make something 100% clear to the American public and anyone running for public office: It is illegal for any person to solicit, ACCEPT, or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election"

Cool. Hillary literally took Russian disinformation from a Communist, former British spy and used it against Donald Trump. Care to address that for us?

However, socialISTIC programs like Social Security and Medicare, wherein the government does NOT own the means of production, are wonderful programs..

Bernie Sanders gave a major speech on it yesterday, and FAILED miserably to explain it..

Newsflash Con.

1)The lib media itself warned you that the funding for these programs is almost depleted.

The problem with Socialism is it's fun and games until the money runs out. It domino effects on itself. Less and less capital and more and more taxes until there is no capital and no one left to tax.

2)Bernie doesn't want social programs. He's a Marxist. He wants something else... Perhaps it's a great time for you to study Marxism...

Or I can tell you in blunt terms. The end game for Marxism is the takedown of the West from within, with smiley faces and shiny objects... And that's not MY opinion. It's theirs...

They SHOULD be, because Medicare for All IS the proper system

Sounds familiar. f41e491a44f35d2271f8441e41ed708a.jpg

When the state runs healthcare, you have number one, shit healthcare with massive waiting lines, rationing, and the part Socialist never tell you about... rankings of priority. For example, an 80 year old man is NOT a priority.

And two, an omnipotent state who decides who lives and who dies. No dissent allowed. You trust these crooked bastards more than I do to do the right thing. They are bastardizing things right now, such as censoring dissent and clammoring for violence and intimidation on dissenters, much less when they are given MORE power.

You see Conservatives being targeted and are like, eh, they're Conservatives. Ah, but alas, they are already going after regular liberals. You're next buddy. You're going to happily give them the stick with which they whack you with...

If you had a magic wand to guarantee no single individual could possibly have a gun, I'd be cool with it, but alas, you have no magic wand. You have no guarantee.

We live in reality, where people make their own guns, and gangs, violent criminals and terrorists exist.

There will not be an America in 2050. The West will be under Sharia Law by then.

We wouldn't be fucked. If we wanted, we could level Iran within minutes.

Oh and they, Iran, are broke.

1 point

I don't have any idea what "socialists" want. I'm not one. I just know they have SOME useful ideas that can be integrated

Yes. That's the first argument the Communists of old told their followers to use once they infiltrated the Western governments.

That's the way Washington USED to be before radicals took over the GOP.

The GOP of today is much like what the Democrats used to be when I was young. Freedom of speech defending, moderately pro legalized marijuana supporting, Capitalists. Are you saying that classical liberals are radicals?

My ultimate dream is to live the life I'm living. Life is good when you're not a self loathing, ungrateful, Marxist piece of shit.

Anything else?

I DO agree with you that there is a "National hate campaign" against Muslim - Americans, but, only on the "right".

Riiiiiight. That's why Ayan Hersi Ali, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Bill Maher have voiced my exact positions on Islam while all being Liberals.






1 point

As Far as Omar is concerned, I don't agree with much of what she says, but, I'll defend her right to say it

Cool. So how do you feel about social media censoring and shadow banning conservatives and universities using violence to attempt to shut down Conservative speakers?

How do you feel that the right would never do that?

1 point

I've never lived in a "socialist society", Don't ever expect to, don't want to.

Better switch parties then. The reds are in full takeover of the Democratic Party.

Nobody argued that the oil industry is the only industry run by rich people

Cool. So your oil industry point wasn't a point. Jolly good.

Using legal means to sue someone is different then something like burning the bakery down

Cool. So libs think suing someone for the exact same thing and losing 3 times isn't hate.

They call Trump hateful for doing nothing illegal on a daily basis...

I thought we were going by lib standards here. My mistake. You have to warn me when the libs move the target again.

Way to go Bronto.

Thank you.

You really kicked your own butt in that argument. I've never seen anybody destroy themselves with so much wit.

Except that it's literally Bernie's claim and literally my rebuttal of his literal claim.

You Are Free But You're Really Not. I Own You

Cool. As I roll into my living room and watch Big Bang Theory reruns on my 60 inch tv in the confines of my home with central heat and air, while I play on my computer with Internet, and a full fridge, living better than kings of old...

Nom: I'm not a racist bigot, but those Christians and Jews can go straight to hell...

Interesting. So 1/3 of political oil money goes to the left. Good job making my point for me. My work here is done.

Led by the oil and gas industry, this sector regularly pumps the vast majority of its campaign contributions into Republican coffers

Cool. Sadly for your argument, the oil industry isn't the only industry run by rich people. I know nom. Facts and data throw liberals' equilibrium off.

But if I took Hitler's positions on everything then obviously I would be on the far right, where he was, not the left, where I am

You can point any direction you want. If I want to know what you think, I go look up Hitler because Hitler and you say the same things. Isn't that interesting?

In fact, you literally spammed the board with the accusation you laughably absurd bastard.

Yes. You have so many things in common with Hitler that quoting it all could be labeled as spamming.

When I said this exact same thing to you three months ago you claimed it proves I am "a Hitlerite".

You taking Hitler's positions on everything makes you a Hitlerite.

The shit which comes out of your mouth is pure hilarity.

Yes. The only things leftists take seriously are idealistic fantasies of children.

Ahahahahaha! You are absolutely priceless Bronto

True. You finally got one.

So who do we have so far? Hitler, Mussolini, Gentile, Joseph Goebbels, Wikipedia, the KKK and now "billionaires and millionaires".

Completely nonsensical. None of the above were billionaires, corparate owners or anything related to the topic. I thought you didn't have another level of stupid in you. I was wrong.

Oh, that's nice buddy. So corporate chiefs are in your club of "left wingers" too?

Yep. Prove me wrong. I'll wait.

YOU are a fairly "intelligent person", you just don't have any "walking around smarts" … she does.


I'm due to be a millionaire in about ten minutes

The Socialist and Corbyn's army will take it from you, so you'd best get back in line and follow lockstep with his hive.

to build wind turbines and solar panels

Neither power source can even get close to powering the nation and its needs. That's why the heavy use of fossil fuels still exists.

Solar panels produce high amounts of toxic waste. Pollutants such as lead and carcinogenic cadmium are washed out of the fragments of solar modules over a period of several months by rainwater.

Are you listening Al? Or did that just roll on by...

Yes, Asia is STILL polluting, but, China is taking larger strides to get off coal

By far, most air pollution is caused by things that aren't coal.

"Only after the last tree has died and the last river is poisoned, and the last fish is caught, will the [right] realize that we can't eat MONEY!"

The billionaires and millionaires running these companies are primarily left wingers. Here's your hot potato back.

The DUMMIES don't seem to realize that the American right wing needs more MONEY and "clean coal" (which HAS NOT created significant jobs, like the "deal" would

Cool. Your position is what turned West Virginia red. They literally can't survive under your position.

Yes. You wound up in your mom's basement at 40 years old by using facts and data...

In fact about every nation without an American right wing is staying with the Paris Accord, and investing billions in things that will (hopefully) slow, or stop, or reverse, climate change!

China pollutes more than all of those nations combined. So does India.

AOC is a VERY "smart child"


I've bet the house on that being false.

Pretty big fail to correct grammar and then use bad grammar, eh Nom?

And you'll continue to ignore me asking how you'll get Asia to stop polluting.

But, I'm liking what I see.. AOC is gonna SAVE the world

She's been scientifcally wrong every time so far. I'd leave it to the scientists, not a child who isn't even smart for a child...

Hello again, bront:

All that would be true IF we're entitled to a house, which we're not..

Bernie says we are entitled to a house. Your party clapped like brainless seals. They forgot the right to not build or give someone a house.

Where is your COMPASSION ?????????

Well, you are an open, overt racist, so you tell us.

You as a GOOD REPUBLICAN are attacking those that are RETARDED ?

Only you.

Troll Master bring what you got BOY but you cannot stop me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's to stop....

Tired of being a neo nazi halfwit excon troll?

Pretending to be Outlaw, eh Nom? Pretty stupid. Admit you're stupid. Go ahead. We'll wait.

If you don't wanna do business with SOME of the public, you shouldn't be allowed to do business at all

Oh? If someone wants a cake that says "homosexuality is an abomination" does an Atheist gay baker HAVE to make it for them?

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