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Tell me what the eye of a needle even means. I'd love to hear you explain it to us.

Then tell me why you assume the word "easier" means impossible or never done.

Then explain to me how supporting Capitalism for my country has anything to do with Bill Gates or Warren Buffet's position in God's eyes.

Having no education explains why you struggle so badly with English, even while using a thesaurus

Except that I graduated from college, unlike you, and gained wealth, unlike you, and moved out of my parents' home at age 18, something you have still failed to do at age 40.

If you think Jesus was fond of capitalists then you obviously haven't even read the Bible.

Tell me about Abraham, Isaac, Solomon, David, and Joseph's wealth. I'll need a full report by the end of the week.

You obviously haven't even read the Bible.

Part of the assumed condition of free speech is that you will not use it to intentionally mislead other people.

Except that the left has brought intentionally deceiving people with propaganda and nonfacts to such an astonishingly high level, that no one can give it a bullshit rating high enough. There literally are not enough Pinocchios to classify CNN and the BBC's nonstop stream of constant bullshit.

You're literally such a fucking moron.

I'm far superior to you intellectually, so there's that...

Free speech is fine. Purposefully LYING and DISTORTING reality to bring people into your stupid, bizarre neo-fascist cult is not fine

So by your standard, the BBC and CNN should obviously be shut down tomorrow.

Except that I don't think that. I believe Hitler himself was a Marxist. That would explain why Goebbels compared Lenin to Hitler and said there was little difference between Communism and Hitlerianism. You know, the debate where you ran away and refused to comment past one driveby post. Remember this gem of a debate buddy? I do too. When NomtriestopaintGoebellsasaright_winger

Cool. I looked at it. Nothing you said was in the link actually was in the link.

Nevertheless, you still can't escape that you and Hitler say the exact same things about everything. He taught you well. You two could be brothers.

Also, as you got caught attempting a red herring because you found no way to attack my position, you never addressed that the heads of the CIA and the FBI have professed to being Communists. Care to address that fact for us?

Hello again, bront:

Hello again Con.

I'm the left.

You're a Classical liberal. The left of today left you behind a few years back. They are now compiled of millions of Marxists and Nihilists who want nothing to do with free speech, tolerance, or basic morality.

you still believe in the craziest of the crazy shit

I propose a plausable theory. Nothing more. You reject a plausable theory. Nothing more.

My last Skyrim character was a Breton named Avikarthos.

Ah yes. I remember when I goat raped this particular avatar with my ass faced retard avatar. It was epic. You scrambled to get away. It didn't work. Your avatar had my child. No abortions in Skyrim.

What? You thought you could abort my baby in Skyrim? Don't think so. You had that baby, and you probably liked it too.

None of my Skyrim names are ass faced retard

Maybe they are, but you aren't giving up the truth.

and I don't have any tattoos

Maybe they were wash offs and you took a shower.

It's kind of like if there was another site where everyone called you "ass faced retard" instead of Brontoraptor, you would still be the same guy but everyone would only recognize you by the name ass faced retard.

I see. You are trying to project your Skyrim name onto me. Not gonna work Factology. You already have the ass faced retard tattoo on your body. No takebacks.

The Satan characterization I considered to be a twisted propaganda version meant to demonize him but I used that name because that is what he is commonly known as and no one would know who I'm talking about if I used the other names

You are completely insane, but continue.

It's complicated, I believed they were all equally real because they were all the same being by different accounts and using different names

It's all possible. He has many names just in Judaeo-Christianity.

BOY when you come under attack you SPIN OUT like a LITTLE LEFTIST !!!!!! You type it and you SHOW it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool. I like it when you type in all caps like a deranged psychopath.

The TROLL just said it is into GOATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMMFAO !!!!!!! BROKE BACK MOUNTAIN is your fav MOVIE ??????????????????///

Never seen that movie. Looks like you have though, eh Outlaw?

BOY you have been COMPROMISED when you talk of the GOAT SEX you desire !!!!!! BOY you wrote and you OWN it !

Molesting innocent baby goats, eh outlaw?

Satan is based on several gods, primarily Set, Enki, and Malek Ta'us.

And you worshipped in the name of Satan. Not Set or Enki.

One doesn't have to be physically blind to not be able to see what's in front of him [her]. It also helps if one listens to "instructions" that what you're seeing and hearing is not what is actually going on. The blind (Trump) is leading the blind (Lemmings) that have no wish to see, except what they are told TO see by the Lemming-in-Chief …. and his messengers. It's not something new, it what the entirety of what is before and after "Romans 13:4" is supposed to do, get the Lemmings to not see what's in front of them … like science ….. or in this case, a form of a devil in disguise.

A good example of those "Lemmings" are the evangelicals of the right. They have been led to think: "Blessed are the philanderers, for they shall be overlooked." (As well as the liars, the cheats, the destroyers, the murderers, the kidnappers, the poisoners, the false purveyors of "Biblical righteousness" and adulterers ;-) …. all in the name of "The Avenger" :-(

The topic you responded to was "Trump is a tyrant". Still up to this point, neither you nor Excon has demonstrated him being a tyrant. You care to show me examples, or are you both dropping this point?

all in the name of "The Avenger"

Donald Trump is not "The Avenger", nor is anything done in his name. You've created a mythological version of Trump to justify hating the real version of him.

In many cases, the left has taken actual qualities that Obama and Trump share and demonized them only in one of the two.

A good example of those "Lemmings" are the evangelicals of the right. They have been led to think: "Blessed are the philanderers, for they shall be overlooked

Some of Jesus' greatest stories of forgiveness are to literal prostitutes. When the ultra religious zealots confronted him on one occassion, he literally replied this:

"Which of the two did what his father wanted?" "The first," they answered. Jesus said to them, "Truly I tell you, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you.

get the Lemmings to not see what's in front of them … like science ….. or in this case, a form of a devil in disguise.

Such as?

1 point

The blind (Trump) is leading the blind (Lemmings) that have no wish to see, except what they are told TO see by the Lemming-in-Chief

I believe in market numbers, unemployment numbers, job numbers, GDP numbers. What do you believe in?

No older gods from kemit and sumeria were named Satan, and you didn't use their names. You used Satan.

I believed in crazy shit as a kid, you still believe in the craziest of the crazy shit I believed as a kid while being an least age wise

Okay. Describe to us why Christianity is crazier than your other past beliefs.

I haven't worshiped Satan since I was a 14 year old jerking off to hentai

Cool. Christianity makes way less sense than Hentai...

I'm going to serve you to a room full of fat women in small portions with a side salad with Commie salad dressing. Enjoy ladies. Ignore the aftertaste.

I already told you that I believed Satan was an alien and that christianity was a mind control program created by the greys

Which explains why nothing you say ever follows with coherence or logic.

What makes you think that I believed in christian theology as a Satanist?

There is no Satan without Judaeo-Christian theology.

On top of my disdain for christianity I also hate capitalists

Well yeah. That's because your underlying belief is worship of Satan, thus you hate the light and want the darkness where you feel comfortable.

and I still consider christianity to be the most nonsensical belief system of the above

Sure ya do Penis. Belief and worship of a being who inevitably loses, is nonsensical on top of a pile of stupidity on top of a cake of cow shit.

They both look nice. So now what happens?

Or we just get rid of you and Nom and don't have a problem anymore. I have a dungeon I plan on putting you in. I hope you like eating human shit with corn in it cause that's what you'll be eating.


Come now Joe. We both know you want a big ol piece of Auntie Maxine bootie. Admit that I'm correct.

I'll troll you, then you troll me, then we'll have your people troll my people, and my people troll your people.

Switched over to your rusticus puppet account, eh nom?

EVERYBODY who isn't a fucking right winger is a commie or a Nazi..

You have me all wrong Con. I'm trying to save normal, sane Democrats from those people.

DUDE. Math counts.

Those in power in the Democratic Party are counting on it. What? You thought the Democrats in power created sanctuary cities out of the goodness of their heart and not to get more representatives in those areas due to population increases? Dude!!!!

They'd better stop them from putting citizenship on the census...

They'd better scream "racist, racist, racist, racist" until the cows come home.

They don't want Trump out because he's bad. They want him out because he keeps outsmarting them, which is causing them to have to work their asses off to destroy him and take him out. They're used to the President pandering to their every scream or tactic. Trump doesn't care. He doesn't give a shit.

They trashed his reputation. Didn't work.

They went after his family. Didn't work.

They screamed racist. Didn't work.

These Alinskyites better come up with some new evil takedown shit, and quick, or that census is gonna fuck em.

Because 3 things can be true at once.

Thing 1

Democrats are counting illegals happily to get more representatives.

Thing 2

You still lose because the other side landslided you when it came to the legal citizenry.

Thing 3

You finally flood us with enough illegals vs legals to win.

It's fine if you wanna think HALF of America is your sworn enemy..

Half of America is deceived by my sworn enemy.

But, it won't end well for you...

We're locked and loaded. Say when.

Look.. As we've discussed, you think EVERYBODY who isn't a fucking right winger is a commie or a Nazi

The people running the Democrat Party are Commies, from those in power to those funding those in power.

The Democrats not in power, the normal citizenry, are either Commies themselves or simply deceived. Many are simply unaware of Communist tactics even when they see them directly in front of them. Commies are tactical and clever. They smile when they greet you with a knife behind their back to slit your throat. They have a tongue of sugar, they say seemingly nice things, but if you ever get in the way of their path, they smear, attack, and destroy you. They use surveillance on you. They bug you. They track you. They go after your family. They use mass propaganda against you. They investigate you. They sue you. Whatever it takes to get you out of the way of the iron fist.

They do it in the name of "tolerance" or "the common good" and other such deceptive language. But in the end, the goal is power. The goal is the omnipotent state. Free helathcare is a carrot on a stick. They aren't going to give you shit once they are fully in control.

I'm the left. I BELIEVE in the pledge.. I'm a patriotic American

You're a minority in your party, which is fine, but you are still the minority.

If you switched parties, you'd be in the majority.

If the 2010 census was SOOOO valuable to the Democrats, how come it took them 8 years to win the House??

They would have NEVER won the House without counting illegals. That's the whole point. Those seats would have literally not existed due to lib areas having smaller LEGAL populations. You get more representatives if you have more people. Democrats can't have illegals not counted.

You're talking about the 2010 census, right?? The one that gave Republicans control of just about every state? The census that put Donald Trump in office??? DUDE!!!

Your logic doesn't follow the premise. Illegals flock to liberal areas called "sanctuary cities" in mass. Due to this influx, the census, which doesn't ask about citizenship, counts all illegals when passing out how many representatives areas get. In other words, without counting illegals, the Democrats would have less representatives in the House.

This is why the Democrats are going berserk over "are you an American citizen" being on the next census questionnaire. They need those illegals counted.

Before religion was injected into the pledge, the pledge was TRUE. But, as it reads now, " nation INDIVISIBLE, UNDER GOD

This is a dodge on your part. If this was the true leftist position, leftists would advocate to take "under God" out and simply say it without those words. But that's not the case. The left doesn't believe in the rest of the pledge either and has zero desire to pledge allegiance to the flag, even without "under God".

He's not the first tyrant

So show us Trump being a tyrant. I've asked on 100 other occassions, so I wondered if you'd come up with something yet.

with socialISTIC programs such as Social Security

Which is almost out of money because the government borrowed it and forgot to pay it back, and now is unable to.

and Medicare for all

A rather ironic name seeing it looks nothing like Medicare and will literally put those on it in long, endless lines to see doctors who won't exist.

They just don't understand the word..

Sure we do. We can open a dictionary.

It's simple English

You are correct. That's why it's sad that you are confused...

Definition of socialism

1 : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods

2a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property

b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state

3 : a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

Here in America, the word socialism scares people.. They connect it with the Cold war and the failure of the USSR

Wonder why...

The Soviet Union,[b] officially the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics[c] (USSR),[d] was a socialist state in Eurasia that existed from 1922 to 1991.[10] Nominally a union of multiple national Soviet republics,[e] its government and economy were highly centralized. The country was a one-party state, governed by the Communist Party


Speaking full klan today, eh outlaw?

is a LAIR and i shall prove it again for ya BOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's a LAIR, and does it have a different meaning if you put it in all caps?

must be another of those left wing corporate billionaires you were telling us about

Welcome to the party called reality. You're late.

as if he has ever created a problem for anybody in his entire life.


1 point

I AM FOR democracy, with a bit MORE socialism than we've had for the last 60-70 years

What do you have in mind.

We'll STILL be the most powerful nation on earth

You'd better watch out. China's coming up our backside fast and furiously, and Communists DO NOT share power.

and people can STILL become wealthy - just NOT insanely so..

Cool. We stop Bill Gates from becoming any richer, so he stops producing jobs and businesses, and we get less jobs, less taxes, less revenue, etc, but you get to feel sanctimonious because you meant well. Jesus fucking Christ.

When libs take over and equilibrium is restored, there's PLENTY of money to be had by lowering our military budget a point or two

That's a drop in the bucket. We can't even pay off the interest on the debt because of how staggering it is. More of the "magic invisible libby money tree that no one has ever seen" argument.

and REVERSING the tax cut Trump gave his crony's..

The tax cuts literally created more tax money for the government because when companies and people have more money, they spend more money. This causes growth, which then leads to even mote tax money coming in. for-themselves/

If you overtax a company, it leaves the state or the country, OR, it makes extreme cutbacks that in the end, literally lead to LESS tax money coming into the government.

MY ass??? Nahhh... Nobody is gonna be taxing MY ass..

Then how you going to pay for it? Magic?

I've "spammed" you from such beautiful places as Hawaii, The Bahamas, France, Italy, and others.

You? In your mommy's basement playing Skyrim, praying the state will cover up your life failures.

DUDE! I'd turn in my right winger card if I was you

Why? So I can dumb down my brain functioning about 500 notches, act like AOC, and be praised for saying brilliant things such as, "Look, my facts may be wrong, but my heart's in the right place."?

No thanks. I'm good.

The economy is NOT a zero sum game.. It GROWS.. That's because NEW business's got started - probably by people who couldn't find a job because EVERYONE is qualified..

Not one damn thing you said has anything to do with taxing your old ass into oblivion to pay for a degree your old ass will never get, and for illegals' healthcare that you'll never receive you jagaloon.

Wow.. DUDE! That sounds like something a commie would say.

Let me keep my money and do what I want with it is literally the opposite of what a Commie would say you jackass.

You really DON'T know much about entrepreneurship, do you

I retired in my 30s. I know more on the topic than you will in 50 lifetimes.

Is college free? If you think an educated populace MAKES us more money than an IGNORANT populace does, it IS free

I don't think that. It's supply and demand. Once EVERYONE is qualified, NO ONE makes more money. And if EVERYONE gets a law or medical degree and can magically ALL get positions in those fields, now we have no one qualified to be plumbers, mechanics, etc. Now no one cleans the buildings, no one drives a taxi, no one cooks you food, no one plants the crops, no one milks the cows, and you've created one hell of a clusterfuck.

And what's even worse? You jacked up my taxes to create said clusterfuck.

Even worse than that? You've jacked up taxes on older people who will never benefit, even in theory, from your expensive trainwreck. Do YOU benefit from "free college"? Will YOU get a degree at your age? No, but I'm going to tax your ass into oblivion anyway to pay for it, and then have the audacity to call it free. Why? Because I'm a fucking left wing tyrant, and I can run your life better than you can, obviously. That's why. So pull out your fucking wallet, bend your ass over, and take your left wing fucking like a man. You didn't create that money. The omnipotent god state did. Hand it over. Do it now. It's all mine. I'm a leftist. Logic doesn't matter. I'm a leftist, and I make the rules. Understand?

Lemme ask you this.. Are the roads free?

No. We pay for them through taxes and tolls.

Well, if you're a know nothing, you'd say NO, they are NOT free.

Because they literally aren't.

But, if we make money BECAUSE of the roads, they're NOT only FREE, they pay off.

If I made money off of a road, that still wouldn't make them free. It would simply mean my payment, that wasn't free, paid off. Some investments do not.

If I get "free college", yet still pay for it in taxes, and I don't get the job I planned on getting, it's a net loss.

If I get "free healthcare", but it's worse than privatized healthcare, and I'm taxed even more to pay for it and even more than that to pay for illegals' healthcare, not only is it not free, I got robbed and raped.

In fact, the MORE you call people commies, the CLEARER it becomes that they're PATRIOTIC Americans

Not really. Brennan openly admits he has voted Communist, and he literally weaponized the CIA to spy on the Senate, and it's looking like he did it against all Republicans running for President. Did Obama block him , fire him, or rebuke him? Nope.

I care. Democrats don't. Reality could not be clearer.

What I find odd, is that everybody BUT your team are commies

It's not odd. Only Democrats say Commie things. Only Democrats worship Lenin. Only Democrats call a statue of Lenin "art" and then want statues of the founders destroyed. Patriots call Lenin's statue trash and are fine with statues of the founders.

No one is confused as to whether demanding the pledge of allegiance be taken out of schools is patriotic or unpatriotic. No one is confused as to whether trashing America every chance one gets is patriotic or not. No one is confused as to whether not celebrating America is patriotic or not. No one is confused as to whether kneeling for the National Anthem is patriotic or not. No one is confused as to whether trashing the military is patriotic or not. And no one is confused as to which party does or did those things.

You tell me outlaw. You were the one laying hay to its smelly goat ass last night as you bleated with morbid delight like a child goat molesting psychopath.

BOY when one brings GAME

Tell me when you bring some game, so I know when to wake up.

Indeed. Without the left, we would have already reached the utopia they pretend they want.

I don't speak racist hillbilly pig. Could you get me a translator?

Look.. The post suggests that libs are commies... I'm a lib.. I ain't a fucking commie

Join us Con. Make free speech great again.

Make women winning women's awards great again.

Make not throwing gays off of roofs great again.

Like i said BOY i am going to FUCK with you so put on your BIG GURL PANTIES if they FIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool. When you fuck with people does it look like this?

Yes, yes. You live on your keyboard. Tell us more about the Ozarks and banjos.

This no attack on Republicans but you are to DUMB tooo know SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You mean "too dumb". I know, I know. They don't tell you which of to, two, and too to use in Arkansas where you are lying with your favorite goat. Maybe you should ask the goat what it thinks.

WHOA Jesus has something to do with this ???????? Do tell !!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell us what you think of Jesus there Outlaw. I'm just dying to know.

Random stream of consciousness, eh outlaw? Better check your head. I think your cerebral cortex may have takej a vacation.

It's a long damn line of leftists to attack the raptor.

BUTT HURT much you INTERNET CHILD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not really. Hop in my bronto bread line. I'll toss you my crumbs.

This is a good thing. "Medicare for all" would require us to double our annual tax burden

Cool. That's my exact position. Care to tell me about more of my own positions? Go ahead. I need a good nap.

The American Medical Association, the nation's largest doctors group, narrowly voted to maintain its long-standing opposition to "Medicare for all" and other proposals for single-payer medicine.

Cool. That's my exact position. No medicare for all. You should scream and use more exclamation points. It makes you seem smarter...

This no attack on Republicans but you are to DUMB tooo know SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your mindless rambling never logically follows any stream of rational thought. Perhaps you should go please your wife like a man. You should do that. Don't wear a condom. See if your boys can still swim.

You are laughably stupid and your fascist propaganda is silly.

Your response was an epic fail as they usually are.

Grow up and get a job.

Why? I'm retired and well off. I got mine. Stop acting like a whiney little bitch and go get yours.

Oh God you're literally pathetic Bronto. Nowhere does it say that "the facility was owned by Hezbollah

Your own post.

Radicals linked to Hizbollah

So you openly admit that Muslims had bomb making material stashed in London and planned on killing your ass. Cool story bro...

Literally nothing happened. Some people bought some fertiliser. Great story bro.

Except that it's literally used for making bombs and literally belonged to Hezbollah, not a British farmer.

It's okay if you can't put coherent thought together outlaw. I have empathy on your old, aged, alzheimer's brain. If you want to join the mob to attack me, get in line buddy. It's a long damn line of leftists to attack the raptor. I'll get around to you when I can. Just be patient...

Attacking Republicans out of the blue randomly again, eh Outlaw?

Those are MY facts.

There are no "my facts"

There are facts and nonfacts. This is the left's continued bastardization of the English language and being a grown ass adult.

They were literally considered radicals at first, until their ideas became widespread.

The same can be said about Nazi Germany. Lots of psychopaths doesn't magically make psychopathy good.

start thinking of ways humanity can move forward instead of clinging to something which is far from ideal.

Giving women's awards to men was moving backwards.

Marijuana should obviously be all the way legal, and even if it isn't it's sure as hell not going to stop me from smoking it which I literally just did 5 minutes ago.


If there is freedom of speech, why can't a go into walmart and scream racial slurs at random people?

Noise pollution. Decimals are too loud when you scream. Plus speaking is speech. Screaming is screaming.


capitalism inherently means that some people will be landed with all the advantages and others with all the disadvantages through no merit of their own. You're either not a capitalist or you believe that some people are entitled to vast amounts of wealth because they have a rich mommy and daddy and others deserve to starve in the streets simply for being born into poverty.

Hollywood is literally run by left wing "elites" that say anyone who disagrees with them are "Wal mart shoppers" as an elitist insult.

I started off extremely disadvantaged. Didn't matter one bit. You're a pathetic, excuse making fraud.

It's time for you to grow up, clean your room, get a job, and act like a grown ass adult for once in your humiliating life.


you're a fascist jew

I'll make an ass of you

I'll blow fluorine in your face through a massive plastic tube

The left is literally using violence and censorship towards anyone who disagrees with their orthodoxy.


capitalism created the corporation

and as long as there is capitalism, they force the state in

to subordination

because money is what controls the resources, mate and

we all know who it is who can afford to waste them

Most giant corporations in America are owned by left wingers.


just because you don't go full isolationist-ism

doesn't mean you aren't guilty of patriotism

there's pros and cons to any form of state, it's a given

but loyalty to one system is just brainless submission

you were raised and conditioned

to think the USA is the greatest, patriotism is in many ways a religion

Your entire ideology was literally created by someone else.


legal or illegal

if you support America, you support evil

because the evil eagle feasts on people

from third world countries and molests them in the pee hole

now adjust your cerebral, weasel

Yes. Islam killed a lot of third world people to take over the Middle East and North Africa. You support them anyway.

It's retarded knowledge, that means you have to be retarded to know it.

You are retarded, so you're good.

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