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Uhm..., I'm not religious. What gave you that idea ;)

Marriage in most people's minds implies a man and a woman ;)

If it's not a man and a woman, is it a marriage ;)

So..., go back to "gay" marriage ')

That's not politically correct ;)

I would just seek employment with the military–industrial complex ;)

Are you saying that if you replace the bride with a guy it is not a marriage? You bigot! ;)

Then we'll deal with them like we do with all terrorists ;)

This is a slippery slope. We start calling them burgers and next thing you know, they'll want to call everything else a burger. By lumping everything together and using one word, will get confusing. I mean, what will I tell my children? Wait..., this argument sounds familiar ;)

We already have a word for burgers so let's use that. Separate but equal does not work. Meat eaters do not own the word burger. Calling it a burger hurts nobody. Wait..., this argument sounds familiar ;)

If removing their democratically elected leaders (and if the threat of war) worked, then let's do it again. We threaten them with war if they are unable to keep their people within their borders or we just remove their leaders and replace them with one of ours who will keep their citizens there ;)

I know, right? But if they truly just want to escape "from there," let's just send them to Canada and let them deal with it ;)

Well, if they want to come here so badly, let's just annex them and be done with it. That way they can stay where they are and still be on U.S. soil ;)

Whatever migrants we inherit we can just ship to Europe. They like letting migrants enter their borders ;)

I got a better idea. We take over everything all the way down to Panama and build a wall there. It will be much shorter ;)

Bronco busting, I see ;)

I am outraged that companies are able to get away with this ;)

Personally, I don't understand this bondage thing. I mean, how is she going to make you a sandwich? ;)

" ;) "


The Left is all about hypocrisy ;)

If you don't have anything nice to say, then say nothing at all ;)

I was going to pick the late J.C. but he's not on your list ;)

lol ;)

I'm just trying to piss off the Happy Holidays crowd ;)

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