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No it can't!

An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition. ;)

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Instead of thinking about seeing a point on a wave, think of it as being able to measure the force of the wave. A tsunami carries a lot of force. This is viewed as mass. If there are no waves, there is no force. There is no mass. When we "shoot electrons" at the double slit (in the double slit experiment) we are shooting a wave of the electron field (an electron wave).

Think of a wave pool in a water park. A wall moves forward, compressing the water field and thus creates a wave. When we "shoot electrons" we are compressing the electron field and creating an electron wave. This wave then passes through both slits and the resultant waves interfere with each other thus creating the pattern viewed in the double slit experiment.

Simple ;)

Everything is a field. There are different fields but they interact. The interaction give the particles mass.

Think of us detecting mass as us seeing a point on a wave. Now think of air and water as fields. If there is no wind, there are no points because there are no waves on a lake. We cannot detect a particle with mass. But if we excite the air, it interacts with the water creating waves and we can focus on a specific point on a wave. We detect a particle with mass.

That's the best I can do ;)

Well! it CAN be! ;)

I read it once, I was not going to read it a second time. ;)

You could have Googled it.

TLDR = Too long. Didn't read.

But what I meant to say was that I was not going to read it a second time. ;)

Nom is a virus hacking the universe? I think you give him too much credit ;)


That explains nothing. If God was the light, did He create Himself (Let there be Me. Achoo. Bless Me, Me.)? If He/light already existed, why would He need to create it? ;)

On the first day, God created light. Does that mean He created the subatomic particles called photons? Because at that point in time there was nothing to emit light (neither sun nor stars. They were created in day 4) and nothing to reflect light. And photons have spin so they can change state. Ergo, God created a quantum computer and now we are creating our own (or hacking His). We are hacking the universe in order to make it do computations for us. I hope He installed antivirus software! ;)

I hope He installed antivirus software! ;)

Matbe he meant a Bud Light ;)

I got it! He created a black light ;)

What good is light if there's nothing to reflect it... except the Big Guy Himself? Did He just want to check Himself out? Can't God see in the dark? ;)

Maybe a green laser? Those are cool! I have one ;)

Maybe it was a flash light? ;)

Maybe he did a few lines ;)

I think pot was legal then, so.... ;)

The real question is, did he watch a ball game and if so, which one? ;)

Everyone know God favors wine ;)

Is like when they close Space Mountain at Dysney for repairs and they turn on the lights in the ceiling? Does the universe have lights up on the ceiling but they are turned off for ambience? ;)

An argument isn't just contradiction. ;)

AH, no you didn't, you came here for an argument! ;)

Yes, it is! I came here for a good argument! ;)

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