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OK, well...., if it passes the smell test ;)

Well..., that escalated quickly ;)

Oh, I'll eat..., just not if it's green. That's gotta be past its due date ;)

But that comes with all kinds of problems. For example, if you have children, they may be considered illegal aliens. And they would, at the very minimum, be partially right ;)

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The only problem with that is green, martian, chicks. I know Captain Kirk didn't mind green chicks but the way I look at it is that if the pussy is green, it has gone bad ;)

One can only hope it improves ;)

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I'm out of the reproducing business myself ;)

I don't know what they want ;)

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I see your point but it is just not something I would allow even if it did destroy my career ;)

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Then go forth and multiply ;)

Was he groping boys or men ;)

So....., how many Nazis have you shot ;)

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Then go forth and reproduce ;)

More than likely ;)

How many idiots do you think will believe it? Because if there are more of them than more of us, we're in trouble ;)

Are you hoping there's a respected progeny out there who becomes president and make you proud? I didn't get your post. Sorry ;)

OK. That's fine. You fight that battle. Make sure you never support gun control and make sure your brethren buy lots of guns and ammo. I mean, you can debate back and forth all day but a bullet between the eyes gets your point across once and you'll never have to make the same argument to that person ever again... EVER!!!! ;)

Sheeple, wake up and smell the coffee! You are being played! Politicians are playing both sides against the middle! They want us to fight each other or stay glued to the TV, watching stuff that just doesn't matter! But hey, that's just conspiracy theory ;)

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I am not a social justice warrior ;)

To be honest, I don't read long threads of people calling each other names. TLDR;

I blame the liberal media for antisemitism. The liberal media brought to light the gay marriage issue, the transgender issue, the Pound Me Too (or is it hashtag? I think it's hashtag. Anyway...) issue, etc. And yet, it has remained silent on the antisemitism issue. Probably because people think that the Jews own the media and bringing antisemitism to light would make people start talking about that instead.

BTW, antisemitism is pretty close to anti-insemination so I would not use the word "spewed" in the same sentence.

Also, antisemitism has the word "semi" which could imply that getting involved in that argument will feel like getting hit by a semi or it could imply that it is semi-important. ;)

Lucky for me, I speak out of both sides of my mouth ;)

Yeah, I'm looking the other way. OK folks, nothing to see here, move along ;)

Dude!!! You have more issues than me ;)

Wait... Are you saying that Republicans are better politicians ;)

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