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The words are in English but the sentence makes no sense ;)

You probably ought to start a new account in order to achieve your goal in a shorter amount of time ;)

If I make it to the bottom of the leader board I could probably beat all others combined. Unless Cartman is part of the mix. ;)

What do you mean, fill the full leader board? ;)

I hate point farmers. I could have more than 30301 points if I started point farming. ;)

We are one and the same ;)

OK, you are not good at dissing so why don't you just sit this one out before you hurt yourself ;)

What? Btw, it will probably be months before I logon again ;)

Yeah, we still have more nukes ;)

They are so inclusive they destroy arbitrary property ;)

They are so inclusive they beat up anyone who does not agree with them ;)

Yes, they are so inclusive that they lost the election, the house and the senate ;)

"Disposable?" I do not understand ;)

People who want religious acceptance can just create their own religion. In other words, they are not locked in a situation they do not like ;)

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I call this the, "You came to the wrong neighborhood, motherfucker!" zone ;)

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A neutral zone is a place where if protesters do show up and try to disrupt the proceedings, there's a good chance they are going to get their asses handed to them ;)

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Amendment to the Alternative solution:

The Free Speech should take place in a neutral zone (where a neutral zone is defined as a place where there is normally few people with opposing views).

That is only your opinion, not a fact. ;)

I'm sure you did. I read none of it ;)

Those fuckers ;)

The problem is with the conflicting definitions imposed on the word "marriage."

The problem can be fixed by separating the conflicting definitions and coming up with a new term/word.

Trying to force the conflicting definitions onto one word will cause friction and animosity.

Alternatively, the religious right can come up with an alternate word. However, it is much easier for the government to change. ;)

Yes. But the punishment does not seem to be extreme enough to deter people from shutting down an assembly. I am referring to the Berkley incident (see link above). ;)

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In both options above, if the decision to abort is made, the father should pay half.

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