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1. The correct word you were looking for is 'there' not 'their'

2. We want global warming to kill a large number of people through severe climate change and fighting over scarce resources ;)

Word ;)

Just copy right your debates ;)

joecavalry(36309) Clarified
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Seems to work now, thanks ;)

Testing, testing, this is a test of the united bradcasting association bradcasting to you live from joe_cavalry's studio on the internet. This concludes our test and now back to your regularly scheduled debate. ;)

[Post only viewable by CreateDebatePremium® Users] ;)

The words are in English but the sentence makes no sense ;)

You probably ought to start a new account in order to achieve your goal in a shorter amount of time ;)

If I make it to the bottom of the leader board I could probably beat all others combined. Unless Cartman is part of the mix. ;)

What do you mean, fill the full leader board? ;)

I hate point farmers. I could have more than 30301 points if I started point farming. ;)

We are one and the same ;)

OK, you are not good at dissing so why don't you just sit this one out before you hurt yourself ;)

What? Btw, it will probably be months before I logon again ;)

Yeah, we still have more nukes ;)

They are so inclusive they destroy arbitrary property ;)

They are so inclusive they beat up anyone who does not agree with them ;)

Yes, they are so inclusive that they lost the election, the house and the senate ;)

"Disposable?" I do not understand ;)

People who want religious acceptance can just create their own religion. In other words, they are not locked in a situation they do not like ;)

joecavalry(36309) Clarified
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I call this the, "You came to the wrong neighborhood, motherfucker!" zone ;)

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