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I will pray for you ;)

I will pray for you, my son ;)

Just watch the movie. You gaydar will go off faster than at a gay pride parade ;)

I don't remember Hermey taking it up the ass, nor do I remember him giving any blow jobs ;)

What? I can't hear you. Wait..., let me get my hearing aids... ;)

Deaf people have the right to know the cheesy dialog ;)

Hallelujah! I have no idea what that means ;)

If you smiled, my job here is done ;)

Do you really think that the old white men in power are going to disarm the young white men and allow only minorities to own guns ;)

Storm-troopers would not work. It would just cause a revolution. Better dead than red ;)

That can pepper someone a hell of a lot better than me peppering a steak with a giant wood mill for grilling ;)

He can have it when he pries it from my cold, dead fingers ;)

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