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It's all for entertainment purposes. They don't really want to impeach Trump. They want to be able to use the same tactics when it's their turn at bat ;)

You ought to what? ;)

A smidgen ;)

Because He knew his messy death would be a record breaker that would stand the test of time ;)

And I meant Bob, not Rob ;)

We need to put (Darwinism) natural selection back into society. We need to put chlorine into the gene pool ;)

There are signs on hair dryers that say, "Do not use in shower." If the people who need that sign are still alive, then Natural Selection hasn't figured out a way to weed them out. ;)

Yes, but mainly because of the entertainment factor ;)

I just want to see if Bro is going to pipe up ;)

That's the only reason I got the sign. No one has rammed my car since I got it!!! It's been working out great so far. ;)

It also gags you sometimes ;)

Angel nappy pubic hair ;)

Maybe nappy angel hair ;)

It's your own dumb ass fault ;)

That pretty much sums it up ;)

For me, face palm Sunday is when you get on this site on Sunday morning and read some of these debates/arguments ;)

Those fuckers ;)

I would have voted for one of the other two choices ;)

I would like to see one of those guys throw a rod ;)

I say "ship 'em!" Let the sanctuary cities sort them out (or not) ;)

-1 points

It's just a matter of time before their hypocrisy is undeniably exposed ;)

It would be ironic if they refused to provide refuge ;)

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