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Don't don't electric cars cause cancer..., their batteries ;)

Yay! Someone agrees with me ;)

What if they get hacked for nefarious purposes ;)

Actually, if guns are illegal, and you have a gun, then you are breaking the law and outlaws are by definition criminals and criminals are bad guys so..., there you go ;)

If guns are illegal, then only bad guys will have guns ;)

and decide they want to start robbing and shooting people? What about those guys?

They are called "criminals" ;)

The simple fact of matters is that if you take away someone's gun, they can't use it to shoot anybody.

So take guns away from cops so they can't shoot anybody ;)

Every day, 100 Americans are killed with guns.

On average, 102 people are killed in car accidents per day.

Maybe we should take cars away too ;)

I'm not saying it's logical, I'm saying that's the way the media seems to portray it ;)

Women need men because they get paid less than a man for the same job ;)

Just let me know what group you belong to and I'll move it up on the list ;)

Who is going to kill the spiders ;)

Face it, the list is a lot longer than in the description ;)

You guys are absolutely laughable. As if our opinions are somehow equally valid.

That's a "moo" point ;)

I couldn't agree more if I say so myself ;)

Are you not entertained ;)

The same thing happened to me ;)

Thank God I'm not lactose intolerant ;)

Oh, the drama..., the drama ;)

I still check in but rarely. It's mostly drama now ;)

There are a number of countries around the world that have tried to commit genocide on one group or another. The the Bosnian, Armenian, Jewish and Native American Indian genocides come to mind. What was the down side to Bosnia, Turkey, Germany and the U.S. over time? I mean, they either deny it, apologize for it or say nothing at all. Eventually, it all kinda blows over ;)

We bought Alaska and found gold. What will we find in Greenland once it melts? ;)

You just have to look for the bright side in things ;)

I have but one vote to give (I brought you up from -4 to -3) ;)

Oh ;)

Every one who disputes me. ;)

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