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es I agree with capital punishment, I believe that if you can do the crime you should do the time, no one should be able to walk free when there is a mourning family somewhere in the world, but that doesn't mean two wrongs doesn't make a right. If someone is murdered and the suspect is found that doesn't mean they should die too, they should serve time but they shouldn't die. because that means two families would be mourning and it's just not fair, There have been some cases where some people have faced death penalty on a crime they didn't even commit, It's all just not worth it. I do believe they should spend the rest of their life in prison, if all evidence is found. I have always believed that you will suffer more wasting 24 hours in a prison cell for 365 days a year for the rest of your life, then being put to death by being injected with a needle that will not painfully kill you, you will suffer more in a cell because you will have nothing to do but sit and think about all the wrong you've done and how you'd die to be back to the basics

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