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it seems slow to me lately. besides, i don't come online as much as i did a few weeks ago. i haven't even posted an argument in weeks. this could be my first. :P

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she's starting kindergarten? already? but she's so small!! :O

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maybe not punching slashing or shooting, but they have the right to act aggressively when the person in question does not listen. this person could cause the death of the other hundred people traveling with him on the flight. punching does sound slightly normal when the person goes 'can't you see i'm on the phone.'

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Religion sets rules and laws that, if you break, you will be punished in the next world/ life/ existence.

that is not necessarily true. you could be punished in this life as well. or you could be punished after a few hundred lives.

Governments set rules and laws that, if you break, you will be punished for in this world/ life.

or sometimes it may let the criminal go free. in rare cases though.

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i'm not American. and there's nothing in India to celebrate on the 4th of July otherwise as well. i celebrate a few other religious festivals which are celebrated by people around me (such as Christmas and a few others).

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they have the right to forbid what they like. but they do allow airplane mode during most part of the flight. and we should be thankful for at least that. they require you to not use the cell when they're landing or taking off, because the usage does cause static disturbances with the ground control. and landing and taking off are the integral parts of flight. the rules and regulations are for your own safety. you should follow them when you're asked to do so.

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if the debates are a few years older and full of older users(who didn't come back) with huge arguments posted, i think it would be difficult to find out where your other arguments in the debate are. it would be easier then, to have a new debate of the same or similar type with new arguments with new (and operational) users.

that way the debate could go on seriously and you wouldn't have to end up looking for your disputed arguments. and you would be able to debate with the users more easily.

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if they're capable of taking up the space of two people then they must take 2 airline seats. its not fair for the passengers travelling beside them to be squished flat for 2 days straight.

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scientifically speaking i think its the brain that controls what we like and what we don't.

the brain makes the heart pump fast or slow. and usually the chest hurts when you're in deep emotional turmoil, for eg. during a breakup that the heart muscles do contract to a greater extent. but it usually is based on the brain as to what the heart should and should not do.

although, figuratively speaking, loving with all your heart and from the bottom of the heart and all that is cute. but i think one should consider and weigh the possibilities regarding the whole 'falling in love' deal.

here again, i think one should look at all the pros and cons of falling in love with a specific person. when you love a person with your brain, then you could go ahead and fall for the person with all your heart.

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it is possible for some specific students to listen to music while doing a free assignment.

but while in school when the teacher is teaching, i think it would help to concentrate only on the teachers voice instead of eminem, or avril or whoever you listen to.

also that is one reason why the teachers constantly try and ask you to stop blabbering with your friends. because you need to listen to what they have to say.

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even though he is a great player and all that, i think his biting incidents have been going too far. not many decent/normal people try to bite their opponents' arm out.

besides this, it is a sport. someone had to win. biting away another players shoulder wasn't going to get him anywhere.

and un-sportsmanly spirit was clearly on the display here.

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because they're atheists? am i missing something here?

oh actually, all atheists prefer not to believe in god.

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i do not agree with you and any of your comments. i hope you enhance your knowledge on buddhism. and hopefully see and consider things with an open mind.

i hope you feel somewhat enlightened henceforth.

Supporting Evidence: here you go. (
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Buddhists worship a fat obese man and make sacrifices towards Buddha 4-5 times a day.

the fat obese man you think is Buddha is actually a Chinese Buddhist (this i'm not sure of but as far as i think i remember) who gave poor children gifts. like Santa Claus does.

the fat man is more commonly called the laughing Buddha.

your second fun fact isn't that much funny at all.

Buddha is not a being or a form. Buddha means the Awakened one. therefore, anyone could attain that state. and people do. that certainly does NOT make them 'fat'

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although you could always lose the million dollars. and then you'd have neither the money nor the happiness.

besides, a minimum income is usually quite sufficient. the more you have the more you want.

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i'd rather have lifelong happiness than the $100million i might lose...

mitgag(1652) Clarified
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But I don’t believe mischievousness ought to be rewarded with adoration.

agreeably. but i think most kids understand what to and not to do in various circumstances. they can tell after a certain age that some things do not have preferable rewards.

A child will naturally test the limits, but a parent who is firm in the limits they set teaches a child that there are indeed limits and that the parent is to be trusted in upholding them

agreed. a certain limit is to be set. most parents usually scold the first or second time and next time onwards simply 'glare'.

this happens to work only a few times, before the child is no more scared of his mum giving him the look.

but to argue that parenting leads to misbehaved kids because it’s too extreme is an appeal to the extreme, not to the parenting itself.

well it is upto the parents to decide what sort of rules and regulations they're going to put upon their child.

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i'm not drifting away from the topic. if you see the description, its quite obvious that the child is fed up of listening to constant nagging from his or her parent.

a more common reason is that parents pamper their children initially and then wish to implement sudden manners.

mitgag(1652) Clarified
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oh i get it now. right. well not all religions consider it immoral to do it without having to reproduce. it depends on the respective person using contraceptives.

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that seems extremely shady. ._.

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or pretend the - are spaces bet the last and second last word. just add multiple spaces.

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i hope he doesn't do that. uncle joe would die of grief!

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I don’t agree with this sentiment.

but you should. would you rather a granny jump around on your bed? or plead with puppy eyes for a candy? or climb a shelf to reach for a cookie jar?

Indeed, there are many things that are not appropriate for a kid to do, it’s important that they understand this.

aggreably. a child should be told from right and wrong. but he or she shouldn't be constantly hissed at with a not there not this and other negative directions.

Lessons like this lead to law abiding behavior in adults.

either that, or they decide they want to try doing exactly what their parents told them not to do.

i'm not talking about normal parenting here. i'm talking extremes. parents who put too many restrictions on their kids usually end up having naughtiest kids of all.

Telling a kid no doesn’t lead to disobedience; there’s usually a factor between the parent saying no and the child misbehaving that causes the misbehavior.

it leads to disobedience after constantly hear what not to do by their parents.

Otherwise how would you explain children who genuinely do what they’re told and don’t misbehave?

kids who aren't constantly pushed into doing things usually don't misbehave. its that thin line between pampering and rigorous discipline.

disobedience is rooted in disrespect and lack of trust; it goes back to bad parenting.

you're right here. i agree about disrespect and lack of trust but i think, too much restriction and mannerisms also lead to the misbehavior of children.

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well this is tempting. ;)

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