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Equal rights is an illusion society uses to get the perspective heard! Here is a question: Same sex marriage is an abomination. Do I have an equal right to say what I believe without any sort of retaliation? And if so, why? However if not, why not?

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Hey man, I agree with your argument for the most part however if the 2nd amendment can be amended when will the issue be resolved because everyone involved in the amending will have their opinions and expect their opinions to be encapsulated in the amendment? Another point is we are talking about politicians on both sides of the debate and they each have their personal agenda, this will be another roadblock to contend with. And here is the unknown factor which is a probability - on a scale of o 1-10 probably around 5 - what about the responsible people who suffer traumatic events which cause them to become embittered and seek revenge of some sort, sad and true we have teenagers suffering cyber-bullying and other atrocities which have a dangerous impact on their psyche etc. For those of us who are not in the seats of authority it's easy to give quick witted solutions to a very complex problem, but dealing with the inherent "person" problem is going to take far more than a few laws and amendments to effect the problems we face. Why not just ban guns altogether? Very noble idea but it won't stop people killing. And what about the people who enjoy hunting should they be banned from a sport they enjoy? Stopping people from enjoying their hobbies because of a few bad apples who ruin the environment for others is unfair. The same argument goes for weekend warriors who enjoy time at the gun range. Why not lower the price for professionals help. I.e psychologists lower their fees to give assistance to people who are mentally unstable. The problem isn't the guns, it is the people who are doing the killing, and the murderers are spiritually, emotionally and mentally unstable. They are unstable both in spirit and soul. To stop a murderer from murdering they need real help, but here is another problem the cost to get real help is really expensive, so what are they to do? Just another perspective to look at this difficult situation from.

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Part A) I am simply claiming to understand things that they don't about objective reality because their beliefs happen to be wrong.

Part B) I don't know better than everyone, just people who are wrong about things that I am correct about.

My Argument: The argument against God has and will always be the writer knows better than anyone and everyone else!

You prove my argument by trying to disprove my argument. Are you stupid?

Which nation? Which God? There are multiple cultures with "proofs" of their Gods.

If there are multiple nations with proof about their god, give me another example other than Israel? And proof about the existence of God? Yeshua Hamashiach was God incarnate! Disprove this satatement.

Some things have been found to be historically accurate.

Which parts are historically accurate? I say all of history in relation to the Tanakh is and will always be historically accurate including but not limiting to the miracles contained within.

I'm done wasting my time with this hogwash poppycock drivel.

Four statements to get to the depth of your understanding? You're not even worth arguing against because the depth of your understanding and knowledge base is as shallow as a puddle. Go and read a thousand books about Jesus Christ then come back and argue other wise your a waste of time.

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Wrong again retard, I am simply claiming to understand things that they don't about objective reality because their beliefs happen to be wrong.

You think you know about objective reality better than anybody else? And how do you know their beliefs are wrong? You're the idiot with the wrong beliefs. If you think you know about objective reality, tell me how this happened "objectively"? A lady who has been dead for 130 years and she has "NOT" decayed in the slightest bit. Here is a link to her photo

And here is another fact you little snake, you wouldn't know what is right or wrong if you had the manual to help you tell the difference. Wouldn't matter anyway because you wouldn't know how to understand it.

And here is another fact: What about Dr Heidi Baker who has personally seen impossible to explain miracles in the country of Africa? Here is a link to a video:

Or what about Kathryn Kuhlman and the miracles and ministry she operated? Then you have the likes of Smith Wigglesworth, who himself raised 17 people from the dead (including his own wife), maimed people received their body parts back. Then you have Margy Palm and Stephen Peter Morin, Katie Souza, Steve and Pam Johnson - their 2 year old daughter was murdered and then 12 hours after being dead she comes back to life, who is as far as known 14 years old, perfectly healthy no problems, mentally physically or emotionally. Carol Kornacki and the list goes on and on and on.

You are being stupid on purpose. I don't know better than everyone, just people who are wrong about things that I am correct about. If you are going to say this simply because people disagree that God exists then it could be applied to any argument about anything universally including arguments FOR the existence of God. You know it alls think you know everything, how dare you tell me God exists!

GOD EXISTS!!! I will tell you and I will tell you a thousand times. But you are a deluded fool who still thinks you know better than everyone else, you don't even bother to look for evidence to prove your right! There are more miracles happening in todays day and age than anytime else. But why don't you go out there and look for it, because you're an idiot and lazy.

Which nation? Which God? There are multiple cultures with "proofs" of their Gods, in reality all of these "proofs" are pure bullshit and all religions are the product of the culture they arose from.

Yeah, where is the proof? The only nation to show proof about the existence of God is Israel. And then there is the death and resurrection of Yeshua Hamashiach. You have Israel and the Exodus from Egypt, you have the Israeli nation walking the desert for 40 years, you have Noahs flood. You have the miracles Yeshua did himself - historical fact!

There are more evidence and facts in all the world to make a liar out of you any time of the day and any day of the year. Go bury your head in the sand, you're just like all these other idiots who think they know better.

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This entire argument is a contradiction because the person who formulated the argument is attempting to express dominion over another persons beliefs, values and opinions. And this argument is attempting to show they have supreme wisdom and intelligence. The argument against God has and will always be the writer knows better than anyone and everyone else!

You take a look at every argument trying to disprove the existence of God, God doesn't exist because, because of this, because of blah, and blah and blah. There are thousands of different arguments created to try and disprove the existence of Adonai.

Now here is some evidence against these nay-sayers:

- You have an entire nation whose heritage and history is spotted and speckled with evidence detailing acts of God.

- You also have an entire scientific community who have scrutinised the historic validity regarding the Bible. The scientific community has used textual criticism, archaeology, medicine, history and a slew of other science based resources. So this writer knows better than all these scientists too

- And then you have social communities who have experienced miracles, healings, prophecies, knowledge, wisdom the world over in today's day and age too.

- And then you have the hardest mystery of all to try and disprove; God Himself turn up as a man. His original name is Yeshua HaMashiach, but people today also refer to Him as Jesus Christ. There is blood evidence scrutinised by scientists. And they have diagnosed and determined the blood has a foundation impossible to possess, unless for one specific premise, He was born of a virgin and His chromosome numero viente cuatro came from another source other than a human male.

If the person who created this argument actually dug around for some evidence looking at both sides of the coin before going off on their little rant, they would have found some evidence which makes their current position look foolish. People are always going to think they know better when it comes to disproving the existence of Adonai. The truth of this person's position is very very dire indeed, because they only have themselves to look to for strength and support or to their fellow man. The problem is when you look to yourself for strength and support your like a wave tossed about in the ocean by the winds or if you look to another man for strength and support the person you look to will probably throw them under the bus just to get ahead, his bros will probably screw his missus too, and when he gets married his missus will screw around on him too. And then after all his pain and suffering and when he is old he will probably turn to Adonai and say why did you do this to me, I thought you were loving. The irony is he ranted off about God and then after all the pains, trials and tribulations he will take the audacious position of trying to talk to God to find comfort and solace. So all in all when he suffers his consequences and life has smashed him to the ground he will trun around and talk to God, so he's a hypocrit too.

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So what is your point exactly. Make a statement and give your reasons. Your implications can mean any of a thousand different scenarios.

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I am definitely opposed to the idea of siblings marrying each other etc, but what happens if an couple meet each other, go out, have sex etc then get married. Now after they have gone way over the boundaries of what they shouldn't do, dig back into their past and learn they have the same father but different mothers, because back in the father's hey-day he liked to sleep around and refused to be tied down to any one girl?

What happens here, two people who are completely innocent in the beginning, have now created a life with each other, may even had kids? The complexities of the situation are way beyond anything any one can work out. For the sake of simplicity they should get a divorce and then kill off the child/children?

The added problem to this (seemingly) fictitious scenario is, it HAS happened here in Australia. I have my values and beliefs and also the added bonus of not being caught in a situation like this, yes I agree it is incestuous at a fundamental level. Here is hoping they fall out of love and break up, and life runs its course of events.

I can't condone this, but I can't condemn it either, because I refuse and cannot play judge, jury and executioner. Given this scenario, the lesson learned for me, is I understand why it is important to not sleep around.

Food for thought.

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First off let me say, I choose no not because of a sanctimonious perspective but because I believe in the abilities of the human spirit to overcome atrocities, traumas of any kind and more. This is a really difficult position to stand for or against, I totally comprehend and understand why the person would do such a thing, because the baby is conceived out of the most horrible circumstances and everyday would be difficult for the mother who stares at a reminder of her violation instead of through loving eyes and heart.

But then there is the opposing view (and this may well come off as arrogant) we all suffer tremendous trials and tribulations and we don't get the choice of the easy way out, 99% of us who suffer sexual crimes have to go through it and endure it too, we would like the idea of being able to kill off the people who violated us sexually, unfortunately this is not how society works and so we have to live with the knowledge the people who have violated us are allowed to endure according to the graces afforded them through civil laws and liberties.

So aborting the baby could be a form of revenge against the assailant, and a physical expression of hatred towards another, these acts and more are definitely within the abilities of the person who does so, but the problem isn't being address for the better it is being exacerbated.

The person who was violated should seek counselling and healing of the soul so she can deal with the trauma and receive power to overcome the event and the effects it has on her. Be transformed from one person who was stripped of her rights, dignity and honour into one who maintained who dignity, honour, values and righteousness as well as increasing her graces, glories, mercies, compassions and more, then being a role model and shining light for other people who have suffered similar atrocities.

I get it, she wants to get rid of the baby because of pains she is feeling and wants out of the pain, but through counselling and healing she and many others can be taught to embrace the horror and through embracing learn to forgive truly, and then be caused to forget their pains. Having the baby would cause her to become one of the most powerful voices and woman on the planet. Pain precedes glory, the only thing is normal people cannot say what pain they have to suffer and endure then overcome in order to attain the glory reserved for them.

I remember a story about a woman who in one night was blocked by four hundred men, she took all those men and when they all finished she pulled up her pants, walked out of there with her head held high. If you're ignorant of what "blocked" means, it's a gang term for being screwed by all the men in a gang. This happened back in NZ.

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If you can persuade me that you're willing to make a proper contribution to this debate, I will lift the ban I've just placed.

Why does someone else have to prove to you they can make a proper contribution to the debate. Who do you think you are placing a ban on someone, and then they have to justify to you they can make good contributions to any debates. You're not the judge, you're not the be all and end all of their actions and decisions.

What if the person doesn't know how to argue according to the level of logic you use to make your arguments, what if the person is just learning how to argue, and because of you, you are preventing them from honing out their skills to become an effective critical thinker? We all must persevere with people lesser than ourselves just like people better than us have to persevere with us.

If you don't like someone elses reply to your argument, and their argument is nonsense, tell them it's nonsense but don't ban them. You will do more for them using criticism than you would banning them.

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God is not made, He is. And all His decisions are guided by wisdom. The real problem is people think they know what is right and wise until the consequences of their actions reveals the truth about their decisions. I'm sure you would agree with this statement, people are easily fooled and manipulated into wrong choices, the problem is we don't know these choices are bad for us until the consequences hit us for those bad choices. And even if we are made aware of the consequences for our choices our souls are already attached to the thing which is bad for us.

It's like bad choices/decisions shackles our souls/takes our soul hostage and we become prisoners to the outcome whether we try to resist or not. If this is true, humanity is screwed and we are powerless to stop our own destruction. If it's true how can we stop the demise which waits for us around every corner? But if it's false, what is the cause for dumb decisions and choices people make, and if we make dumb choices how come we can't escape making more dumb choices?

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Why is God naive. He created everything and we screw it up the best part of it all. When we receive something good we destroy it somehow or waste it because of the foolishness inside of us. It isn't God is naive, it is people are stupid and foolish with small, and good blessings. People in general don't have the wisdom to utilise the gifts we receive in the right manner which will increase the quality of our lives. E.g: how many people have won the lottery and now they are broke again? How many people keep buying lottery tickets hoping to get rich quick? How many people have started a business for it to fail almost instantly (I know this one I have done it myself)? How many of us have wasted the opportunities we have been given? God isn't naive, people are inherently foolish, and only the rod of pain will drive the folly out of us.

This handle people with kid gloves because of their folly stupidity will not work, if being gentle on people would actually work, there would be a lot more happy people on earth because we made better decisions, not folly driven decisions.

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