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That's what you Nazi morons...

Are you familiar with the allegory of the boy who cried wolf?

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Which show was better, Friends or Seinfeld?

Seinfeld, by far.

In short, Seinfeld can be very funny if one stoops down to a very petty view of every-day life interactions in the world--which is a large part of the humor in-it-of-itself. Now, pettiness, though not philosophically, morally, or otherwise deep, is still relevant to weekly life in a semi-healthy way, depending upon the circumstances.

In contrast, Friends is a show about nothing, aside from watching the clock of one's life tick away while striving toward nothing productive. It is, on the whole, harmful, although there are some good elements involved that can be taken out of it, such as alliance, low-level bonding in relationships, having a support network for the hardships of life, etc. etc.

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Is free college possible?

Not only is it possible, we already have it.

I have discussed this exact topic at some length multiple times in the past on DTT, without going back into my content history is, the cliff-notes are:

-Pell Grants & State Grants cover full cost of Community College

-Some Community College programs are free due to private charity grants from organizations, such as the National Science Foundation

-Companies like McDonald's pay employees $2500 for College if they work 15 or more hours per week, which covers full cost of CC + left-over cash

-Federal loans are granted in the amount of $6000 per semester, no co-signer required

-Hence, everyone has the opportunity to go to College for free, and not even have to work or only 15 hours a week to do so and support a comfortable living standard

Let us look at one example:

Ohio State University is $10,000 a year tuition & fees for in-state residents. Pell Grant & State Grants cover $2000 each, per semester which comes out to $8000 a year. McDonalds provides $2500 per semester to employees that work 15 hours a week or more, which is $5000 a school year plus at minimum $5000 in earnings through hours worked. A person with a room-mate can easily make a $450 a month rent or less which is $5400 per year, say $3000 on food (either independent or meal plans), and walk/bicycle/bus to school & work. Then, we have:

Tuition: $10,000 ===================== Pell & State Grants: $8000

Rent & Utilities: $6000 ================= Tuition Assistance: $5000

Food: $3000 ========================== 15 Hr per week Work: $5000

Miscellaneous: $2000 ================== Federal Loan: $3000

------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------

Total: $21,000 ====================== Total: $21,000

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If my friends and I colonize another planet, do we have to let you live there?

It is not a question humanity would be faced with anytime soon.

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You can pay more taxes voluntarily, so why don't libs do it?


I have written about this at some length in the past, perhaps I will dig up an old post and paste it here.

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I would have to second on Nicola Tesla as above those the mainstream most adores.

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Who is the smartest human being known to history?

It is extremely difficult to quantify. Personally, I would bet the most intelligent, strongest, fastest, wisest, heroic, etc. etc. people who have ever lived nobody will ever know about.

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"The fact that many of the finest ever in academia weren't the finest in their so called formal education proves how inefficient an idea it is to try to quantify intelligence through degrees. It doesn't take one much to observe that there is little to no actual emphasis on genuine learning and critical thinking in the larger scale. "


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I have an account as xMathFanx, though I have not posted as of yet.

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"Colleges want you to look different but think the same."


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"Why is it those on the Left do not fear a corrupt Government controlling the people?

We see it every day. Politicians lieing to us, making laws behind closed doors, not allowing the people to even know what's in the bill before it is passed and then after it is passed, Pelosi telling us we will then find out what's in it. Why is it Democrats were not outraged by Obamacare and all the lies...Now knowing all this, why on earth do Democrats not fear bigger and bigger Government? "


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