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50 more Points Until I Reach 1000.


Must I feel so tired and lazy to earn them! -__________- 

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2 points

Just keep swimming!

3 points

a little fishy said that once ;)

4 points

Yay! You got the reference. :)

2 points

i love that movie too.. :) Finding Nemo :)

1 point

^ I found this conversation to be slightly pitiful, but also very uplifting :)

1 point

don't you like the movie? :O

Jungelson(3929) Clarified
2 points

Hahaha, yes I like the movie. Haven't seen it since I was about 7 though..!

1 point

I'll help you out! I know that feel dude! I am trying to get to 10k fast!

1 point

:D it must be so hard! earning 50 points is hard enough you're going for a 2000 leap! :O

P.S. the trolling is working! ;)

1 point

Yeah I know! How do you think Hellno got his 10k points so fast? ;)