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Whaddya know about that Trump can do no wrong
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57% of FOX News viewers say let Roe STAND. 21% say OVERTURN it.

Whaddya know about that

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Trump can do no wrong

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(21% of FAUX News viewers are total idiots, and total idiocy comes FromWithin. ;-)

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outlaw60(14928) Disputed
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Well now did the TOTAL IDIOT want it's GRANDCHILDREN aborted ????????? SPEAK up you FUCKIN DUMMY !!!! DEFEND a POSITION you GLARING IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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FromWithin(7466) Disputed
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You know, it is one thing to be feeble minded, but another thing to pretend you are in possession of all your faculties.

You support killing viable babies for any reason yet you still have the nerve to judge anyone else?


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outlaw60(14928) Disputed
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CONFUSED AL why is it you did not have your wiffe abort your children ??????????

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AlofRI(2736) Clarified
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We don't do unnecessary abortions. However, YOU seem to BE the confused one.

My wife (and I, and her doctor), actually DID abort my son. As I've said several times, her doctor felt it was necessary to save HER life for her two daughters, aged 6 and 8 at the time. A bad time to be without a mother. She died about 2 years later, but her daughters had her for a critical time longer. That's why I am a supporter of Roe v Wade, and a woman's right to choose! Do YOU know what a woman is?? It's not something like your coon dog that you can make do what you tell it to do, it has rights, it has feelings, just LIKE your dog, but …….. it also has the right to make decisions …. unlike your dog!

I hope that clears up YOUR confusion. ;-)

Side: Whaddya know about that

I wonder what percent of people wanted to end Slavery back a couple hundred years ago?

There is such a thing as humanity, and no matter how few people there are that support the right of life to all innocent people, it does not detract from importance of those issues.

People like you have supported everything these extremist Leftist push on us, and lack the simple moral character to speak out. You go along like good little sheep dogs.

I will stand on the side of humanity no matter how few the numbers, and teach my kids to do the same.

God said narrow is the way that leadeth unto life and broad is the way that leads to destruction. Must be I'm on the right side.

Side: Trump can do no wrong

Gee I wonder why you left out the statistics when it comes to third trimester abortions?

It said that only 11% of people believe there should be no restrictions on late term abortions.

Almost the entire Democrat Party supports NO RESTRICTION ABORTIONS up to birth, going against what the people want! This shows their extremism and their cow towing to Feminist and radical pro abortion groups.

This is what the article said about late term abortions...

"So how do voters feel about late-term abortions? Voters take a more nuanced view about late-term abortions than the traditional pro-choice/pro-life divide. One-in-ten (11 percent) think a woman’s right to have an abortion in the third trimester of pregnancy should “always” be legal, while 43 percent say “only in some circumstances,” and 37 percent say “never.”

Side: Trump can do no wrong
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EXCON/BRONTORAPTOR why is it you did not have your 3 CHILDREN aborted ??????????

Side: Trump can do no wrong
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EXCON/BRONTORAPTOR are you not CONCERNED with the CHILDREN ?????? Your DUMB ASS said you had 3 KIDS and DUMB ASS why were they not ABORTED ????????????

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