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 6 degrees, it's not a Kevin Bacon debate. (6)

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6 degrees, it's not a Kevin Bacon debate.

"The small world problem" was a way to test the theory that random connections make the world much smaller than it seems. That is, everyone is connected, but to what degree? In 1967 a test was conducted where random people in the Mid West were required to get a package to a stranger in Massachusetts. It was theororized that hundreds of connections would be necessary.

On average only 5 were required.

This is a link to an article about the theory.

Last night I watched a special where they repeated the test, but now across the entire world.

On average it took 6 intermediates to deliver the package to a perfect stranger on the other side of the globe. The Earth is shrinking.

This is found all over nature, it's thought this is how birds sychronize flight.

It's part of nature.

But, it also seems to be part of technology.

The internet has been found to follow the exact same law of 6 degrees.

Do you think then that technology is "natural?"


6 degrees

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Evolution and Evolutionary Psychology are some of my most favorite subjects to ponder on because of things like this.

I believe that technology is natural and humans creating it is part of our evolutionary process.

But how? This is where we basically reach a halt... We don't know how Natural Selection is able to work with specific things like this, but it just somehow does.

The answers are infinite (and I don't want to bring them up because i know one of the possible answers will get me an automatic down vote by certain people), but that is why i ponder about these things. I've become so fascinated with natural selection and I think I'm starting to feel the way Einstein felt (how Godly the Universe was).

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I find this kind of thing endlessly fascinating as well.

It's amazing how our own mind is almost independant of our conscious selves,

on the one hand it's making billions of minute, complex calculations every second of life, then we can't even remember a name from ten seconds ago.

it's baffling.

Our mind can change the very way our organs function if we are under extreme duress, or starving to death, it can literally slow or speed up processes we have absolutely no conscious control over,

yet people can't lose ten pounds to save their lives.

While we think we're making all these advances, that we live above the world around us,

our minds are collectively, and subconsciously, repeating what we, and all of nature has been doing since life existed,

it is awe inspiring.

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"I've become so fascinated with natural selection and I think I'm starting to feel the way Einstein felt (how Godly the Universe was)."

Welcome to the club. I was beginning to wonder if anyone else in CD felt this way. I know I sometimes go on about evolution a bit too much, but only because its ability to explain certain things is so powerful that it fills me with, as you said, what can only be discribed as a religious feeling about the universe.

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As much as people want to believe we've separated ourselves from nature,

I think we're slaves to it.

I don't believe there is anything the least bit unnatural or miraculous about any invention or feat,

from the cell phone,

to men walking on the moon,

I think it is all perfectly predictable, logical, and the natural order of our species that we would have just the type of society we currently do.

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Why the hell don't they use this to find where Osama Bin Laden Bin Hidding? :)

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I think everyone is connected to Kevin Bacon in some way. (;

Is this a Kevin Bacon debate?

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