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Let them grow to live What about rapists babies
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Always the abortion debate, but what if your daughter was raped, she found out later that she was no pregrant, should she be forced to carry, have and care for some rapists child? 

Let them grow to live

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What about rapists babies

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It doesn´t matter if its not a child yet. It´s still a life you´re taking I´m so tired of hearing the explanation that it´s not a child yet, therefore it doesn´t mean it´s alright. We had this discussion in my class some time ago. Surprisingly it was only me and another person who were against abortion. I was very shocked. I´ve always thought everybody deserves a chance to live and nobody should have the power to take away an innocent persons life. The discussion in my class was about "teen moms". I said "I think you should take responsibility of you´re own actions, instead of pretending it didn´t happen." A lot of young girls don´t even think about what they´re really doing, they think about abortion as a way to erase what happened. But you can´t do that, it already happened. Besides you don´t just get pregnant behind your back. It´s not like you just wake up someday and realize that you´re pregnant. We all know how babies are made. When you have sex you´re aware of the "consequence", so you shouldn´t have the right to kill somebody. If you get raped, then it is not something you have done. Still, killing the embryo doesn´t change what happened. I don´t think it would make anything better. The child is not guilty.

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a child is a blessing, no matter in what form it comes. just like getting raped was not your fault, getting pregnant was also not yours, nor is the child's. it doesn't make any sense that the rapist continues to live while the child is killed for no fault of his. it should be the other way around. plus, i know i am way out of moral line when i say this, that child is the proof that the person u r accusing is indeed the rapist. no way to dispute that in court isn't it.

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Speaking logically and practically, abortion is good, we don't need any more people...

Speaking morally, it is wrong to kill an unborn child, but is it a child yet?

What if the mother had been raped? She is expected to support and raise this child?

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