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Sounds legit.


3 years ago | Side: yes

If everyone was to demand that those who injure them in any way receive punishment in the form of the same injury, yes, that would be extremely detrimental to society. Luckily, that's not the way most of us live.

In theory, an eye for an eye would make the whole world blind, but that's not a practice that most put to use.

5 years ago | Side: yes
deepishm(350) Disputed
3 points

the practice should be put into use otherwise the rate of criminal acts will increase in this world............

if a man kills another man without any justification he should also get the same death penalty otherwise he may go for another murder just because he is economically bad.......

5 years ago | Side: No
3 points

Do you really believe that any person is inherently "bad"? Have you never committed a small act of crime? Who determines whether that crime is severe enough to merit capital punishment? To use a cliche, it's a very brutal, slippery slope.

5 years ago | Side: yes
1 point

if an eye for and eye makes the whole world blind, then none of us would have any eyeballs left to see if anyone else were blind. anyway, i agree with you. living like that would suck.

3 years ago | Side: yes
1 point

A balance of equal measure to be judged by. and no i'm not in favor cause you'll never get fare by no law for gain or lost in some case or another only by your hands will you feel just in payback.revenge just never works because it just leads to more acts of violence.

People need to sit down and debate then compromise

4 years ago | Side: yes
1 point



An eye for an eye refers to vengence, and it's reference is loosely taken from the Bible, you take my eye, I'll take your eye, you take my tooth, you get the picture. While people use this as justification for vengence, scripture teaches vengence is Mine referring to the Lord, but that's another question.

When Ghandi said this he was living in a very vengeful, hate filled troubled time and he was trying to focus people in a different direction. One of the ways he did that was to point out the irony of the mentality that thinks first of vengence and not of forgiveness.

If every body gets even, after a while there won't be any one.

If we all take an eye for every eye we lose, pretty soon we can't see at all.

Vengence makes losers of us all

if everyone exacts revenge for a wrong done to them, then the whole world will be bent on destrying each other.

In Biblical reference:

A man (either accidentally or intentionally) blinds his neighbor in one eye. The neighbors family has the right to blind the offender in one eye as retribution. If it happens again, the original culprit is completely blind. It's a never-ending cycle. Kind of a "catch 22" punishment.

"An eye for an eye" was an old saying, which was meaning if someone gave you an injury then it was ok to injure them back. Gandhi wanted to express how this revenge excuse would only lead the community to wounding each other until everyone was wounded.

It means that if we each respond to violence with equal or more violence there are no winners. You poke my eye out, I poke out yours, we are both now blind. Gandhi has always been a "turn the other cheek" person.

4 years ago | Side: yes
deepishm(350) Disputed
1 point

what happened to Gandhi killer even he was hanged ,is this not a case of an eye for an eye.........

3 years ago | Side: No
1 point

Every one is expecting better for himself against other..intention of getting thing better than other makes human being selfish...intention may be malafide or bonafinee is upto in condition and circumstances ....situation in which a human being reactsss....

3 years ago | Side: yes
2 points

Since there is no need to give further support of the practical application of the concept in making the world a safer place, I will go ahead and talk about the application on a deeper emotional level. I think the way we are judging is wrong. An eye for eye may seem barbaric, but a justice system based on presentability and propriety merely makes us appear more civilized rather than helping human beings with real feelings. Justice should then be based on inherent correctness. If we study the universe and physics, an eye for an eye is a perfectly sound and objective course of events. Every action creates an equal and opposite reaction and energy can neither be created or destroyed. If a person is raped, tortured and murdered and the same fate is not reflect back upon the victimizer, the victim's pain does not dissappear but very much lingers in an unbalanced equation, creating unaidable mental, spiritual and physical breakdown. Such pain cannot simply be swept underneath the carpet of political correctness and according to the laws of the universe, will manifest itself in later generations. The carpet will eventually become a mountain. Basically what I'm saying is, energy cannot be destroyed, a victim without justice is indeed creating stress in society that will eventually snap. The idea of revenge is a natural response and what goes around comes around follows a very real universal law. Any opponent of an eye for an eye resolution should try telling an atom not to explode back when hit by a zooming electron.

3 years ago | Side: No
Peekaboo(708) Disputed
2 points

You speak of seeking equilibrium. When one tragedy occurs due to someone's criminal act, how does creating another tragedy by exacting equal revenge restore the situation to its previous harmony?

In thinking of punishment as revenge and allowing people to exact equal revenge for crime, you're encouraging them to harbour bitterness for their misfortunes and anger against fellow human beings. You're fueling hatred with more hatred, sorrow with more sorrow, cruelty with more cruelty.

Would creating people whose emotions and morality revolve around anger, and whose actions revolve around revenge, really make the world a better place?

3 years ago | Side: yes
1 point

In this material world,Human Values are buried deep,moral values are depleting fast.Human mind is corrupt and what that matters is money.One cheats the other,one robs the other and one stabs the other just for selfish needs.If we still say AN EYE FOR AN EYE MAKES THE WHOLE WORLD BLIND.i think RATIONAL BEINGS will LAUGH AT US..................

5 years ago | Side: No
1 point

Cut someones eye out- go to prison.

People that do that kind of thing get locked up - less people will lose eyes.

5 years ago | Side: No
deepishm(350) Disputed
1 point

i think so you didn't understand the debate...............................................

it is better you read it another time

5 years ago | Side: yes
JakeJ(3232) Disputed
1 point

Just because somebody looks at something from a different angle doesn't mean they don't understand.

5 years ago | Side: No
1 point

If everyone treated everyone else the way people treated them, for example, if someone poked my eye out, and i poked their eye out in return, no good will come out of it.

It means don't get revenge it may make you feel good but no good will come out of it. Proves that the world is a big ball of fire and no one wins.

3 years ago | Side: No
0 points





is my policy

5 years ago | Side: No
0 points

If I decide to live a good and moral life and nobody loses an eye on my account, then I will not lose an eye. If nobody loses a tooth on my account, then I will not lose a tooth. That is how we should all live our lives, but there will always be people who try to hurt others: in return, they should be hurt.

5 years ago | Side: No

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