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 AOC says the End is Near !!!!!!!!!!!!! (4)

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outlaw60(14566) pic

AOC says the End is Near !!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the bitch talking about ? Has the Cum Dump not paid attention to Al Gore's false statements ???????
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What does a bartender dummy know about the planet ? Is the Community Organizer a New Prophet in the Twisted World of the Left ?

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She studied climatology while serving drinks as a bartender. The people in Nebraska and Kansas have no way to survive the mother of all hurricanes that is coming to the Midwest.

Chinaman(159) Disputed
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AOC must be calling for the end of her existent on earth. Wondering if her voters buy into the conspiracy theory she holds as true.

Chinaman(159) Clarified
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Economics and Climatology collide in the same sentence when a college education is falsely earned.

outlaw60(14566) Clarified
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Lots of hurricanes come through the Midwest so says the Weather Channel !

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We have reached a moment in time when a socialist lacks the knowledge of a college education it supposedly earned. Al Gore's timeline of 2006 said we would all perish by 2016. Now 2016 has come and gone. When shall we perish from a hoax that is known not to be true.