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A Bug.

On my debates tab of my profile (and a few others that I checked), the debates are an enormous list, and none of which I actually created; so I assume it's happening to everyone.


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It appears you are correct, I am experiencing the same bug.

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Oh hey there, long time no see!  

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Hey! It has been quite some time. How've things been?

The site creator got board and is now messing up the site because he likes to fuck with people.

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The place is falling apart... just roll with it.

Andy is trying to make the trolls think that the site is dying.

Cynical(1946) Disputed
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You're getting dangerously close to being the second person I've dropped the banhammer on. Seriously, I mostly just made this for confirmation/so Andy knows, not shitty theories.

Intangible(4933) Disputed
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Oh damn. You've stricken fear into this heartless creature.