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A historian's explanation of the myth of Jesus.

I'm hoping to get people's opinion on this historians explaination of the myth of Jesus. Be sure to watch the video long enough to address something he said, but you should watch it all, interesting stuff if nothing else. 

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Here is a compilation of what historians say about Jesus:

Historical Jesus
Stryker(849) Disputed
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Please address the video I posted. I have already watched yours, it promoted me to learn more on what historian believe about Jesus. The video I linked was just the first one I watched. Dr. Richard Carrier is a historian who has a differing hypothesis which is interested, this is a perspective debate about the video, please take something Dr. Richard Carrier said, and talk about it, or link me to a video/article that talks about it.

I re-watched your video, as well as the video reference of your video, and no where do they offer the evidence they keep referring to. They keep repeating "I've done the research and I don't know any historians who disagree with the historical fact of Jesus", this is fine in a video demonstrating that historians accept the historicity of Jesus, but not really useful.

What I want to know is why historians accept the historicity of Jesus.

lolzors93(3225) Clarified
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Here is William Lane Craig, who is one of the peoples in the video I posted earlier, debating your cited historian:

The point is that there is insanely a lot of evidence for Jesus and His resurrection.

Craig vs Carrier
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I watched it! Very interesting, but I doubt any Christians on here will watch it (with the exception of Lolzors... maybe). I might look up his Gospels lecture later.

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Are the main points written down somewhere? Really can't watch for a whole hour! :P

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There is a lot of info but this appears to be a break down of what is said in the video.

I believe this is against, but haven't had time to read it all yet.

Supporting Evidence: Stuff and things. (

At the end of the day it doesnt really matter what any one historian or even multiple historians say. The evidence is what matters.