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A new Olympic sport is being added in time for the Tokyo Olympics...Mugging!

A new sport has become so popular in Rio that it is up for special consideration to be added to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics...Mugging.

Muggin fits the new sport Olympic sport criteria perfectly: 


The Tokyo 2020 committee listed the following criteria for new sports: added value; youth appeal; attractiveness for TV, media and the general public; gender equality; minimum impact on the number of events and/or quotas, infrastructure and operational costs and complexity.

Added value...someone's making a buck!
Youth appeal...Youth are doing it everywhere!
Attractiveness for TV, media and the general public...Every Rio Mugging is making headlines and everyone is watching the news because of the muggings.
Gender equality: Yes, both men and women are equally targeted!
Minimum impact on the number of events and or quotas...this is a "pop up sport" No new events need to be created, nor quotas met.
Infrastructure and operational costs: All operational costs are the responsibility of the mugger!
Complexity: Zero - yes, there is virtually no complexity to the system.

How do you feel?!?

I support mugging

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Finally, a sport other than soccer which the Brazilians can dominate at the Olympics!

I also think they should consider a Refuge Decathalon type of event involving all manner of walking, running, climbing, swimming, sneaking, etc, to get from point A to B. And only actual refugees can compete in it.

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