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 A person on this site compared fat children to abuse, but killing viable children is ok! (1)

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A person on this site compared fat children to abuse, but killing viable children is ok!

You simply can not make this stuff up. These Progressives, Liberals, Leftwing hypocrites, whatever you want to call them are either dsyfunctionally brain impaired, or purely self consumed evil.

We see their hypocrisy with every debate they create. Their priorities are fixated on things such as parents who allow their kids to eat too much, or the food industry trying to sell products which might cause people to gain wait over their lifetimes, and maybe only live to 70 instead of 80 years of age.

But when it comes to their Leftwing political parties (Democrat, Green Party, etc. etc.), they say NOTHING against the politicians they elect, who are in bed with the abortion trade and Feminist groups, all because of the money given from these groups.

So do you see where their priorities lie? Killing viable special needs babies for merely being diverse, before even given a chance to enjoy life, before maybe competing in the Special Olympics, etc., is ok, but maybe feeding your child too much, or selling food products that might make you overweight and die 70 years down the road, is BAD BAD BAD!

Three words.............................HYPOCRITICAL INHUMAN FOOLS!

These Liberals are so passionate about issues of political correctness, but when it comes to truly important issues, such as premeditated support of killing innocent vialbe babies for any reason up to birth, is not important enough to ever mention.

You will NEVER read a debate from any of them concerning this true inhumanity to our most innocent viable children.
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TL;DR How dare someone talk about something other than abortion!