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 A person who will KILL others (breaking the law), will follow gun laws? SERIOUSLY? (5)

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A person who will KILL others (breaking the law), will follow gun laws? SERIOUSLY?

Any person who actually believes one word out of a Liberal Democrat's mouth, has not paid attention for these past decades. These politicians will deny anything that hurt's their chances of election, UNTIL the times comes when the low end electorate has been conditioned to still vote for them regardless their extremism.

Their ultimate goal is taking our guns as has happened in Socialist Europe.
No matter how many times they talk about back ground checks, large gun magazines, etc. etc., their goal is TAKING OUR GUNS!

What truly amazes me is how people can become so childlike as to want proven corrupt Politicians controlling their lives. NEWS FLASH, power corrupts! Most Politicians are corrupt! Their goal is manipulating people to vote for them, all while taking more of your freedoms.

That's the genius of Politicians trained in the art of deception. They are snake oil salesmen trained at manipulating a person's insecurities, convincing him that the sky is falling, unless you elect me.

It's amazing how few people are killed by these mass killers when compared with drunk driving deaths, but to listen to Democrats, mass killings with guns are your number one enemy!

What do you fear more, the very rare chance of your children being killed by some lunatic with a gun, or a drunk driver? The sane people in the room would more fear a drunk driver, yet no outcry for back ground checks for repeated DWI drivers! We would actually save thousands of lives if repeated DWI drivers were prevented from buying alcohol, that weapon of death, with back ground checks. These people still drink and drive even if their licences are taken.

I'm not in favor of back ground checks before buying alcohol. I'm just showing you the lunacy of the Left and their phobia over guns. It's not about saving lives!!!!!!!!! Remember that!

So ask yourself why the Left and Democrat Party are so concerned over mass shootings, while ignoring the real problems taking many more innocent lives.
Their goal is taking your guns! WAKE UP!

It truly amazes me the mentality of people who want bigger Government Socialism. Every thinking person knows that most Politicians are corrupt, so who in their right mind would want bigger Government? I mean COME ON!

You notice the Millennial's are one of the biggest supporters of this new age Socialistic Democrat Party.
Spoiled children wanting someone else to take care of them. They want to spend their money on cell phones, weed, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. etc.... but healthcare, College, etc.? Nah, these spoiled insecure brats want someone else to pay for the important things in life. They need mommy Government to support them.

This is why the Democrat Part constantly plays identity politics to buy votes. Young immature people are an easy vote.
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LukeBenson(2) Banned
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A person who will KILL others (breaking the law), will follow gun laws?

Are you literally retarded? Your "gun laws" say that they can legally purchase a gun, so of course they are going to follow gun laws. You are so fundamentally stupid that I feel all conversation is pointless. All you want is to force your INSANE views onto other people who have no interest in reading them.

A person who will kill others will obey murder laws? SERIOUSLY? Well, obviously the only solution (according to your insane opinion) is to legalise murder. We have to give law-abiding citizens the ability to murder murderers to protect themselves from murder, right buddy?

You're an idiot. Shut your stupid mouth and go away.

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SeverusSnape(151) Disputed Banned
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The reasons Democrats say nothing about truly saving lives when it comes to back ground checks in Nightclubs, bars, etc.... is because THEY drink and they do not want to be inconvenienced by back ground checks.

Guns are specifically designed for killing things, alcohol is designed to make you have fun.