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A trans beat Virginia's Homophobe-in-chief yesterday. What message does that send?

Trump is POISON

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I do not get how people can just go on the side of "Trump can do no wrong" and I don't realise how Trump comes into this but he is known for being transgender phobic, sexist and racist before and It depends on wether it was west of east Virginia because the people that voted for Trump [East Virginia] would probably be the ones that were ok with a homophobic chief meanwhile West Virginia [Democratic voters] wouldn't have been ok with that and the chief would have immediately been fired by the higher authorities

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It says....

You don't even have to be mentally stable or know whether you have a weenie or not to run as a Democrat. It is also another example of it not being who you are with the left, but what you are. Being qualified in any way is meaningless. Being mentally stable is meaningless, that is, if you are a leftist. Nothing better than a man wearing a bra and panties running a city, state or country...

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To most intelligent people, it says that Virginia is a Democrat State that voted for Hillary.

Now when some Democrat wins in a Conservative Republican State, you might have something to talk about.

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He probably won specifically because he's a tranny. The real question you should ask is why are more and more people becoming transgender? Don't you think it's a little odd that all of the sudden more and more transgender people are emerging? Don't you think it's a little odd that people are obsessed with something so ridiculous as people not identifying as their biological gender? What message does that send about humanity? You aren't defined by whether you have a penis or a vagina, it doesn't mean you have to dress or act a certain way, and if you want to dress or act or internally feel a certain way it doesn't mean you have to go insane and make up 50 new genders or call yourself a "woman" when you clearly have a penis and balls and Y chromosomes.

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More and more?

It's about .6%. Is that actually more, or are they just coming out?

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