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This is a term I have come up with to label the people who make an account post an argument and are never seen or heard of again, I have seen quite a few of these recently and find them a waste of time, when you argue against them they never argue back.

Just wanted to hear what everyone else thinks.

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Well mate as far as I am concerned it is the circle of life.

Some people have only been on this website for 20 minutes, however I can remember a choice few whom have created debates grossing in over 400 posts.

Some are indefinitely not even worth arguing against as they have posted an incoherent argument that, even after disputing it hoping for someone to argue back, no one will defend the person in question.

Some however make epic posts that end up being the highest rated comment and generate a major debate between lasting members of CreateDebate.

So with me it is a love/hate relationship, that leans more on the benefits of love.


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