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Yes, they protect us No, they invade space
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Airport security

Yes, they protect us

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No, they invade space

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I'd say they do both, but since I don't really want to slam into a building at 500 mph I don't mind a little space invading.

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Sure. Technically they protect us. Though I sincerely doubt, in this day and age, it has anything to do with them actually finding something anymore. It's evolved to the point of being simply a counter measure to prevent people from even trying to sneak anything on board, just for the fact that they know they'll be searched.

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Airport security is necessary in our times but the emphasis should be on speedy inspections with the least waiting times.

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Yes and no. They are doing their jobs but some of the airport security people profile people. And they make them strip and they do unnecessary full body searches on some people...

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Yes . no doubt .

They are doing their job at every air port using security check , technology , like that . Air port security manager afraid of crime .

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