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All's fair in love and war.


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All's fair in love and war is something said as a cliche, excusing yourself for deception. I believe in a war situation, deception is par for the course, and I don't know anyone who has never deceived during love, whether it is to get what they want, get away with something or simply to save someones feelings. Have you ever said to your wife, that was a nice dinner, knowing the trouble she went to just for you, although even the dog would have turned it's nose up to it if the truth was to be told. So I would have to say this one is a definite TRUTH

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Coltyn36(1) Disputed
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I disagree because war is something that we do to make our country look strong and love is something we choose to do. Love is an act of two people. War can be anywhere from two to millions of people fighting each other over one thing.

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It's a tough call, but I'm gonna say no. In all things there must be lines which you just don't cross. If we ever lose all sense of honor, humanity doesn't have a very bright future.

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I agree totally Jess. Without honor, humanity is nothing and nothing counts.

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ThePyg(6761) Disputed
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On the battlefield, thinking like that gets you killed.

i don't really agree with the quote. In reality, nothing is fair. But that is exactly why War happens.

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jessald(1915) Disputed
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Well thinking like that results in nasty collateral damage. It's not worth blowing up a building full of 100 civilians to kill 1 enemy combatant.

What do you mean nothing is fair? If people agree to behave in such a way so as to maximize the benefit for all, you have fairness.

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Anything that is done to harm another person is not fair, save for self defense. I'm going to include emotional abuse too.

So most is fair in love and war, but certainly not all.

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Although both love and war are by nature intense things with a lot of calateral damage, some things cannot be justified.

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