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All the Trump investigations are Dems using taxes to pay for opposition research


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I am personally outraged that tax money is being used to expose the president's reign of corruption and lies. How dare they?!!!

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They haven't exposed him on anything. That's why he's in year 3 of his Presidency...

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AlofRI(2816) Clarified
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"THEY haven't exposed him ….." However, HE exposes HIMSELF every day … as the liar he accuses Cohen of being! Must be 10,000 PROVEN one's and, likely, another 10,000 not YET proven! The Hypocrite-in Chief IS in his third YEAR, but no sign of a legitimate "Presidency"! There is more sign of TREASON, than Presidency!

"I asked Putin. HE says our Intelligence people suck!" "I talked with my lover Kim! HE says my Intelligence people LIE, and I believe them BOTH!" This is a "PRESIDENT"?? I wonder what HE'LL "expose" next!

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I agree. However, with the Clintons we had 3 or 4 "Trumped up" investigations. Here we have SOOOO many that we can't ignore them! It would be dereliction of duty! We have all these "gates":

Stormygate, Trump Foundationgate, Trump Universitygate, Playmategate, Mattisgate, Inaugurationgate, Cohengate, Flynngate, Manafortegate, Khashoggigate, Ptuittgate, Zinkegate, Trump Towergate, Emolumentsgate, Putingate, IRSgate, Charlottesvillegate, NRAgate, NYStategate, … the list goes on and on. I think this is a FAR better investment of tax money than Clinton/Obama Trumped-up charges that only caught ONE witch, Monica. (A willing one, at that.) The Dems investigations have uncovered dozens and several are going to jail. Now I ask you, which was the better investment?? MY TAX MONEY AT WORK! (Not just being "played around with! ;-)

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Here we have SOOOO many that we can't ignore them!

Bronto can ignore them. Betcha. Ask him whether Trump is a liar.

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Hey, Bronto. Has Trump ever told a lie?? Has he told MORE than any other President you know of?? Should we trust him over Obama? Reagan?, Bush (either)? JFK? Ike?? ANYone??

What do you think of Putin?? Hitler??, Stalin??


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What better way to do op research than create committees to research the op...

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When Bill Clinton was president republicans issued 1285 subpoenas during the Whitewater investigation alone. In addition to those 1285 subpoenas there were hundreds more in the fake scandals of Travel gate, the Vince Foster suicide (among others) and then later another huge cycle of investigations against Hillary Clinton. (BENGHAZI!!!!!!) Republicans have set the bar very low.

If teatards have even a hint of a clue they'd shut the hell up right about now.

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Right Rusty. What is this...episode 5,984 of Trump is Going Down? Bwahahahaha! And now 3 years have passed. Zilch.

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I want my tax money to go towards covering up corruption, not exposing it. I'm going to write to my congressman about this outrage!!

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You don't pay any tax money, and you aren't American. You have no congressman to write. And wouldn't you use email in 2019...

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