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America isn't rape culture.

According to the dictionary, rape culture is defined as a society or environment whose prevailing social attitudes have the effect of normalizing or trivializing sexual assault and abuse. Is America rape culture, or are we really for innocent until proven guilty?

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America isn't rape culture.

Rapists don't get high fives or special goody bags for raping people. If you rape somebody, you get punished for it. Rapists go to jail. People who haven't even raped anybody, and just made a joke about rape get fired from their jobs.

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You win this on technicality.

America isn't "rape culture" because the vast majority of people don't rape. Correct.

But if your title instead was America is "submit to sex" culture then that would be true. Submit to being looked at, being touched, letting it be part of your career, having it instantly available in all media, allowing every consensual version of it, etc.

We're a submit to sex culture. You must submit to be part of the team. It only crosses the line to rape culture if you say no but the person wanting sex forces it anyway. And plenty of that indeed does happen. But not everywhere to everyone.

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Of course it isn't, rapists are viewed as the scum of the earth by our culture. The only way a person can be more despised than a rapist is by being a child-rapist.

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