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Anarchy as a government

What do you think of anarchy as a government? Some trolls may have ruined the idea for you, but if, and yes this is a very big, most likely unlikely if, but if people could be respectful of one another, and not kill or steal from one another, how woulf anarchy sound?

By the way I'm using this definition: Absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

Not the one that means a state of disorder.

A picture of fire and a riot.

The picture is a tease. This is the stereotype for anarchy.

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It requires highly educated intelligent people. It is good idea but our society is not ready for it right now. Maybe in future...

Countries such as Netherlands are leaning towards anarchy

Well you have my opinion on it. I feel most people are not civilized because it's the law, but instead the law is shaped to most people's sense of civility. I added the major hypothetical that people don't steal and kill, so there's no need for a police force. People simple handle their discrepancies, one on one.

I feel that if anarchy did happen, things would go kind of Indian. Not trying to be racist. I mean, people would choose to be with strong charismatic leaders (chiefs) and bartering would return. There would also likely be formations of clans and so on. I really don't know, this is just my guess.

I support your opinion. I find that to be the beauty of anarchy, you never know what will happen. Bartering more than likely will be reinstituted since no government is regulating currency flow, and I don't find this to be bad. I think it'd be best. Avarice would probably be all but eliminated, people would only be able to trade what they don't need for what they do need.

As for the clans popping up, do you mean like groups of people getting together to form protection groups? I think something like that might happen also, but (mind my coldness) it would eliminate weakness, as weakness would most likely die.

Idiotobx914(1341) Clarified
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Not really protection groups but more like community based groups. Example: seven families get along really well together so they live near each other. A new family comes along but isn't liked and so is asked to leave the area. I hope this is a clear example of what I mean.

Impossible to have anarchy as a government, it is the abolishes the government.

Quocalimar(6470) Disputed
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Anarchy: Absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

Government: The system by which a nation, state, or community is governed.

The people would be governed by literally themselves.

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Right, anarchy is not a government, it is a society absent of government authority. How can anarchy even be a political ideal if politics involves the state?

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By privatising the police, the NHS, the military, the councils... we would have anarchy as the democracy government would have no power.

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If we take the dictionary definition of anarchy (which is the Absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.) and combine it with the idea that everyone does not steal or harm anyone else then you are effectively creating a paradoxical argument as the idea of a government as if everyone had their freedom then but thought stealing and harming was wrong then it creates a very publicly influenced type of government.

In short you are creating rules by removing them if that makes sense.

Quocalimar(6470) Disputed
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I said did not kill. Harm would be inevitable because disputes would happen.

What do you think about this though?

Darcovian(19) Disputed
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The idea of anarchy is a sound one as everyone liked the idea that theu create their own rules in which they follow however it would mean the decline of humanity.

What would happen is that instead of communities you would create gangs or clans of people. Disputes may be solved by wars between clans rather than diplomatic agreements and things would turn into conflicts of power rather than eArning ypur items by conventional methods. The whole idea of our society is that everyone works together so that everyone may live confartably but obviously by removing thst you are essentially sertting the whole worldto compete against each other for survival