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Animal conservation is a conservative movement

Plastic AI smart cities

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If there IS a "conservative movement" on animals it's a "bowel movement! Allowing capitalists to dump shit in water and air, making it easy for RICH conservatives to hunt endangered species, while they see the Endangered Species Act as a "regulation" that costs more than it's worth …. if that's a "conservative movement" ….. it REALLY stinks!

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How does animal conservation align with the beliefs of conservatives?


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Amarel(4695) Clarified
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In the US, conservation is focused heavily on wildlife management. That means managing herd and fish populations through hunting and fishing. It means combating chronic wildfires with controlled burns. It’s a hands on approach to caring for nature that is maintained often by people who cling to their guns and their bibles and hold notions of gardening the planet.

Conservation is an approach that can be contrasted with preservation, which is focused more on keeping the influence of people out of nature and can be more closely associated with the tree hugger than the deer hunter.

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excon(10969) Disputed
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Hello A,

In other words, you’re IN to animal husbandry. Don’t let Fromwithin hear you say that.


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So, you're saying that animal conservation is a politically conservative movement? I assume that case could be made. I was simply confused with your phrasing, in that, I didn't know if you meant conservative literally or politically.

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