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Animal experimentaion should be banned

Animal testing is cruel toward animal or should we continue this type of experimentation for tke sake of medicine???


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Yeah , I agree, I mean I totally support this idea because it is cruel toward them!!!

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animals should not suffer for the human`s sake. they are not ours, we have no rights to use them in such kind of torture. i have nothing against eating them, because they do not suffer. but testing on animal should be banned!!! researchers feed them with cosmetics, washing powders and others. not every organization uses painkillers. and many animals are are left to die in suffer. isn`t it unfair???

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Yes, because humans are distinct beings, and just because something works on an animal doesn't mean it will work on us! So why waste animal lives?

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I live a vegan lifestyle, because I am against unnecessary animal cruelty.

I don't wear fur or leather, I don't eat meat or dairy, and I do not use beautyproducts tested on animals.

BUT, like I said, I am against unnecessary animal cruelty, and I feel that experimenting with medicine and treatments for diseases such as cancer is very very necessary. As much as I love animals, as much as I love my dog and as much as I want all animal cruelty go away, I'd rather have my mom cured from cancer, and I'd rather have my grandmother cured from Parkinson's disease.

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At least there is the human spirit of selfishness in you. I thought you'd lost yourself to animal rights ;)

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Human > Animal, when it comes to life&death;of a human.

But not when it comes to beauty.

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I think, animal experimentation should not be banned. For example, If science find new drugs or someting they should experiment with animals.

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I think animal testing for medical research is beneficial and necessary

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