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 Another site Clown who copies debates rather than having the intellect to create his own. (3)

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Another site Clown who copies debates rather than having the intellect to create his own.

Have you ever seen such insecurity from people on the Left who can not stand it when they are banned for being deceptive insulting jokes.

They spend their lives on these debate sites demonizing the Right for their honest opinions. When a person exercises their right to ban people from disrupting our debates, these jokes copy word for word someone elses debates. This site keeps allowing it to happen!

They lack the ability to create their own debate on whatever topic i speak to. They must be too lazy or unable to coherently express themselves.

Ask yourself why this new site clown, who within a couple days of being a new member, decides to start copying other's debates.

Remember when i said deceptive people? They are so deceptive, that they can no longer be honest with their own original names, so they must create new aliases, to deceive you and pretend to be someone else.

It's flattering that my words must be so compelling and interesting that people want to copy them. I get double the exposure, but it's truly sad how insecure the Left truly is. They create safe zones for the deceptive, the vulgar, the insulting dsyfunctional people, to ridicule and insult opposing opinions.

I don't ban opposing opinions, I ban either deceptive, vulgar, or childish people. I have absolutely no problem with honest civil differing opinions.

You decide if you want to post on the orignial debate, where a person took the time to coherently express his opinions, or a copied debate from a deceptive joke.
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Why not everyone that has ever been banned, start copying debates from other people we don't agree with ok?

How well do you think that will work for keeping this debate site a nice honest place to debate.

The latest deceptive person copying debates is nmed "Goodlistener". LOL, his named should be "deceptive copier".

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I think the person you're referring to is yourself. Pretty much the only argument you have ever made, is that abortion is bad. And I have suspected a few sock accounts too.

FromWithin(6482) Clarified
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I have never created another name on this site and WHY WOULD I?

I have nothing to hide. My words speak for themselves.I do not try to deceive people so it is easy to stand by my words rather than denying the truth of what people support.

Polaris95(239) Clarified
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Okay, maybe I was wrong. Sorry. Someone just said the exact same arguments and stuff as you.