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They need rights and respect Gays are bullshit
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Anti-Gay rights should be banned for the gays also have the right to exist.

They need rights and respect

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Gays are bullshit

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Taking away the rights of bigots to express themselves only makes you as bad as them. They shouldn't be bigots, but they also shouldn't lose their rights.

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You can't treat these blokes,the transgenders and lesbians as outcasts,they deserve equality in all respects,so why shun them?Why there's so much of back-door discussion and speculation regarding their position in the society and their thinking process?Anti-gays are always ready to shout away these guys from the society simply because they don't go side by side with the ordinary blokes like us.Definitely,the protests against the rights of the gays must be banned

Side: They need rights and respect
Jace(4672) Disputed
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Democratic systems are contingent upon freedom of expression, regardless of how repugnant, unconscionable, or undemocratic we might find that expression to be. If we dislike what someone else is espousing we can exercise our equal right to express our counter views and advocate for ourselves or others.

(That said, I agree this obsession with others' sexuality and gender identity is idiotic.)

Side: Gays are bullshit
Amritangshu(891) Disputed
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You cannot make your counter-statements if it's offensive and hurting someone's sentiments;If I now call you a racist because you've disputed many point and I've freedom of speech would it not hurt your sentiments,you point to something invalid

Side: They need rights and respect

Gay people are entitled to all the rights and privileges that exist for everyone else.

Side: They need rights and respect

I think that we should respect and love everyone (As the bible tells us too) but i think the gay parades and the national homosexual days are really excessive and are completely not right and thats where i think we should draw the line.

Side: They need rights and respect
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