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Antifa is fascist

fascism is a combination of:  1) tribalism- fascists believe society is divided into groups, the individual doesn't exist. every action an individual takes and every belief an individual has is a part of a greater conspiracy that is attributed to the individual's arbitrarily prescribed group.
 2) ideological dogma- fascists will force you to think and believe what they do, there is no room for dissenting opinions and different ideas.  3) authoritarianism- you must obey the chain of command and you can never question your orders.
 Antifa exhibits all 3 components of fascism.
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Hello s:

I don't care what you wanna call them, and I dunno what they do in their spare time, but they're attacking Nazis and white supremacists, and I'm good with that..

Look.. The Soviets were SLIME.. I'm NOT a communist.. But, when they were killing Nazis, they were my brothers..


socratic4(147) Disputed
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Hitler was an animal lover, are you good with him? and why do you think it's ok to attack Nazis and white supremacists?

excon(7996) Disputed
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why do you think it's ok to attack Nazis and white supremacists?

Hello s:

They MURDERED Jews.. I'm a Jew.. What else is there to say?


xljackson(260) Disputed
1 point

That's really cute and weak...

The enemy of your enemy type stuff?

But when they invade your country, I expect, that you expect your military and police to sought this out?

Well you just showed how cute you and dumb are :)

socratic4(147) Disputed
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at who is your comment directed at? because I really don't understand your argument.

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By these criteria, Communists are Fascists.

Utilizing oppressive and violent tactics does not mean you believe the same thing as other groups that utilize the same tactics.

Antifa isn't actually anti-fascist so much as they are pro-marxist. They call everything they dislike fascist and make it synonymous with racist and bigoted, but fascism in Italy did not rely on bigotry or racism. Rather, Mussolini used bigotry and racism as a political tool in addition to his Fascist model.

Antifa also uses identity politics for political gain, but not for the same fascist ends.