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Antrim is an inferior useless eater

being successful in the monetary system is often the opposite of being successful in natural selection.
This is the fundamental flaw in Antrims world view, he assumes the people on the top of the social and economic ladder are superior, but that is fundamental bullshit.
The best example is celebrity culture, media and politics.
Since the average person is stupid, stupid music and movies etc. are what appeal to them, therefore total garbage is usually what reaches the top of the entertainment media food chain, which results in total human waste trash becoming rich and famous. Things that would have been much better are often dumbed down to appeal to the average stupid person, the perfect example is "The Matrix" which originally had a far more complex and philosophically thought provoking plot. The movie was made more successful and the people involved made more money specifically because they took a masterpiece and watered it down.
If you think Justin beiber and Miley Cyrus are "superior" people then just fucking kill yourself. That's the kind of garbage that your brand of elitism deems "superior"
Politicians, much like entertainers, are forced to pander to the populace of ignoramuses as well, it also helps to be a total sell out and a spineless chameleon as well who is compromised by various special interests.  
Plus when it comes to the circumstances of your birth, it works both ways. When you are born into poverty, you will have a lower IQ due to malnutrition and shitty environment, when you are given too much without earning it just because you happened to pop out of the right vagina it makes you soft spoiled and lazy. These soft, spoiled lazy rich fucks who are born into wealth would be nothing without their money and the ONLY thing they know how to do is use their privilege and wealth to accumulate more privilege and wealth, this is not natural selection, it is a means for inferior people to stay at the top of the food chain because their great great grand daddy did so and so, even though they are nothing but an inbred spoiled degenerate.

Fuck Elitism

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Cunt Stain

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he assumes the people on the top of the social and economic ladder are superior, but that is fundamental bullshit.

Most, if not all, Conservatives assume this. It's central to the ideology of being a Conservative. You have to believe that the elite are the elite because of hard work and innovation.

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You're right, it's also equally stupid to think you deserve special treatment just for being a minority or a woman or an LGBT, that all white men are neo-nazis unless they are liberals, and that everyone should pay for every one else's everything. That's why I don't fall into either category.

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