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 Any Recommendation for pest control NYC services? (2)

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Any Recommendation for pest control NYC services?

Yesterday, I saw many bed bugs near my bed. I have searched online for the bed bug treatments in Brooklyn NY, and I have came to know that hiring a pest control NYC services can help me to get rid of these bed bugs. Is it true? Can anyone recommend me a good NYC pest control company?

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Darlin' this is a debate site, not a help wanted or ad site. I'm not saying it to be mean, just pointing it out. Also, yes pest control may be able to help with bed bugs, I do believe there are traps out there that can help too. I would recommend doing a google search and seeing if you can find any companies with ratings, then compare, call and get a quote. Make sure they are licensed and insured, you can also check with the BBB to make sure they don't have complaints against them. Also, I use Home Adviser, it's a pretty good site. I hope this helps. Here are a few articles as well:;=&gclid;=CjwKEAjw1a3KBRCY9cfsmdmWgQ0SJAATUZ8biVsgy52vmiWlz-oNurQto8Es2aLhD-yWQrFjwCHWiRoCH6jw_wcB i-have-bed-bugs-now-what

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I've seen posts like that on all the debate websites I've tried over the years and my guess is 1/3 are by regulars trying to be funny and the other 2/3 are scamming/fishing somehow. When I don't ignore them I at most make a useless funny comment hoping to discourage or scare them away.

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Yes, if you go to Trump Tower and ask to see the head of the cockroaches he might be able to work out a deal, provided you are willing to pledge your loyalty to him.