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Any lib who hasn't taken an illegal migrant into their house is a lying fraud


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Hmmmm. There are over 300,000,000 citizens in America. At least 150,000,000 are "liberals" (apparently MORE, now, given the results of the last election). We'd have to cut those illegals up into very small pieces to have enough to keep from being "fraudulent" in YOUR estimation. (You'd LOVE that, wouldn't you?) With many of them being babies I wonder what FromWithin would think about that?

As this is America, and YOU claim to BE an American, YOU are the "fraud"! An "illegal immigrant" is one who has entered the U.S illegally. NO "refugee" looking for asylum when s/he enters the U.S. is an "illegal" no matter how they entered. They're non-citizen refugees. Cubans who made it to the beach were taken in, if they didn't make the beach they were returned.


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Any lib who hasn't taken an illegal migrant into their house is a lying fraud

Hello Q:

Well, I don't have one in my home, but I MIGHT have 'em on my payroll. I'm a Jew. Of course, I didn't ask them for their "papers".


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Any lib who hasn't taken an illegal migrant into their house is a lying fraud

The phrasing implies that these libs have a choice. I think this misses the scope of the problem.

There are better ways to communicate the extent of the problem, and to reveal the depth of the hypocrisy and the inevitable consequences of the thinking (lack of thought.)

- If you are against the border wall, you should live without a front door on your house or apartment.

- If you think that illegal immigrants should not be incarcerated until their asylum claims or court cases are adjudicated, then if you call the police when someone walks into your home and demands to live there, they get to live in your home until the breaking & entering/trespassing case goes to court.

- If you are against illegal immigrants being deported, then anyone who enters your house gets to live there as long as they want.

- If you are in favor of non-citizens having access to any taxpayer-paid social services, then anyone who comes into your house, invited or not, gets free reign in your refrigerator and pantry, and free access to your bedroom, and all of their education and medical costs come out of your bank account.

So many people want liberal immigration policies because somehow they don't consider the possibility that they will be the ones who bear the risks and costs. They are fine if other people have to deal with the results and the consequences of these intrusions.

However, when framed in terms of direct cost specifically to you in your own personal home, the ramifications become obvious.

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