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 Are American Hating Europeans really that different than those who they hate? (16)

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Are American Hating Europeans really that different than those who they hate?

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Firstly, just to clarify most europeans who hate the american government do not hate the american people or the country.

Yes is the answer to the question, america has grown into a very nationalistic country, the government, especially under Bush was on the brink of facism.

AltonSmith(111) Disputed
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Clarify how it resembled fascism. It is generally accepted that such statements are merely reflect the talking points distributed by the left-wing media.

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I'm glad you asked him and not me... he's nutty as all hell !

garry77777(1794) Disputed
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I really don't think your going to agree but ill respond noetheless.

Firstly, dont try to tell me that theres nothing extreme about the tea party movement, thats a kettle that has yet to boil in my opinion.

Secondly, look at america as a nation, can you not see how nationalistic it is in comparison to other western nations. I mean even the term americanism, have you ever stopped to think about that, like if i was in france i suggested a pride and conviction in ones nation should be referred to as frenchism id be ridiculed.

Thirdly, when i see the kinds of people given prominent roles in power in america doesnt fill me with hope for the future. And what passes for news, my god, this is really scary, people like Bill O Reily and Rush Limbaugh are taken seriously, Goebbles looks moderate compared to Rush and Bill when they get going. Ive said enough, im sure you looked up (and dismissed) many of these arguments before.

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No, they're not and they are the ones that are responsible for America in the first place.

Axmeister(4317) Disputed
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What are you supposed to mean by saying we're responisble for the U.S.

The U.S is responsible for the americanisation of nearly every country on Earth

Hellno(17761) Disputed
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If you guys hadn't put us here, we wouldn't exist .

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I feel that this debate is subtly targeted at me.

I can't represent the whole of America-Haters but I can safely say that I am not obese, stupid or gullbile and therefore am unlike most americans.

Hellno(17761) Disputed
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This was not targeted at you or anyone although if it weren't for the the Irish whack-job above I probably wouldn't have thought of it... as for Americans being obese, stupid or gullible... that's just an ignorant stereotype. There's a lot of European stereotypes too but you don't see me using them because they too, are ignorant.

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How else am I supposed to come up with the average american, you're lucky I didn't add an racial remarks into it.

Glad this debate wasn't targeted at me though,

Stereotypes come from the our modern media, a industry your country has the biggest hand in.

There's a lot of European stereotypes too but you don't see me using them because... ...this debate isn't about Europe, it's about America. Though your point has been made clearly and I agree with you, I didn't understand the whole question, I just said that I, an amerca-hating person who doesn't represent all america-hating europeans, wasn't like a stereotypical american.