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Are all politicians guilty of focus on staying in power or is it more specific?

Political issues surrounding politcal parties throughout history and even today Politicians have been seen to change what they think is right and wrong to what the majority thinks or what will get them the most votes and keep them in power. Obama and the Modern Democratic party are a good example of this, though both the Democratic and Republican parties and their roots are guilty of gripping onto their power. Is this universally acceptable for all politicians or at least most?

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A politician does not want to lose; he does not want to go down in defeat.

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Whenever one judges a large group in black and white terms based on a few or even many instances, they are inevitably incorrect.

I will say there is a balancing act.

1. We pay representatives well, which we should, it is a difficult job when done correctly. However this and the power can lead to one caring more for re-election than doing the right thing.

2. However, if we pay them poorly, or take away a portion of their power, you wind up with only the dumb or the already rich running. In either case they may or may not have the best interest of the public in mind - even less so I would argue than those who are only in it for the money and power.

The moral is, running the most powerful country in the history of the world, with a citizenship of close to half a billion, wherein our weekest representatives of the smallest districts can count themselves among the most powerful people in the world, is not simple.

It does not pay to assume the best or worst of anyone in power, especially in a representative republic where we have a say.

Instead of trying to categorize, find issues you agree or disagree with, and vote based on those.

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Tell that to the rest of the world.

I want to know why a lack of a balancing act argument makes me inevitably incorrect. Explain that if you dont mind.

I dont understand how your warrants in both arguments lead to your conclusions.

I dont believe I was talking about the amount of money they were being paid, anyway. I was more so arguing that a result of political parties is that they blindfold the less intelligent and then feed them ice cream and goodies so that they vote for their candidate, regardless of what the candidate actually will or will not do in the end, or his character for that matter. Political parties cause enmassed bullshit and remove exactly what you said at the bottom of your argument to be completely disreagrded by those who hold just one of the same key values, Which is generally EVERYONE because these parties put out tons of bullshit about what their entire party thinks, which is an absolute lie. Parties corrupt and harm and manipulate and these completely outweigh their abstract benefits.

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If political systems were so terrible for humanity, the Western world would not be the most comfortable, affluent, and free forms of government in the history of humanity.

No government is perfect. Ours though is certainly one of the fairest and most beneficial - if not the fairest and most beneficial.

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