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Are foods with GMOs harmful or helpful?

The term GMOs (genetically-modified organisms) is most commonly used to refer to crop plants created for human or animal consumption using molecular biology techniques. These plants have been modified to enhance the desirable traits in the crops produced. Some believe that eating foods with GMOs can be beneficial due to the "improved" nutritional content. However, others are skeptical on whether or not consuming foods that were scientifically changed is safe. They worry that eating foods that are not produced naturally can lead to negative effects on health in the future. 

GMOs are helpful

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GMOs are harmful

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It's going to depend on what is modified and why.

The most extreme negative example is Monsanto, a company that not only modifies the crop but does so in a way that only their crops survive the brand of pesticides that they also provide. Any crop that isn't of their own engineering is killed in the process.

The positive example would be genetically engineered corn that is disease resistant to certain blemishes and fungi that is capable of wiping out an entire crop.

There are some crops that have roots that don't reach the depth they should which reduces the amount of health benefits however it also reduces the amount of water used to grow. So it's kind of difficult to say 100% yes or 100% no.

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GMO are def harmful. what if you drank milk from a cow that used GMO? you might get the GMO into your system.

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Did you not see the banned documentaries?

That is from a banned documentary.

This question is retarded.

I've heard the whole breeding example, but honestly that's clearly not all the biotech companies are doing.

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