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Are people who swear more honest?


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Yes they speak their mind, rather than saying what society deems proper socially. Having to form proper language is a way of hiding your true socialness.

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I don't think so. I actually think it's defense mechanism for words to use in the place of the truth, where a clever lie hasn't been concocted yet.

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Warjin(1522) Clarified
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I tend to swear to bring more emphasis on a meaning, and I just have a potty mouth lol

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I guess that's true too. I have at times done that. Sometimes saying "Sit in your freaking chair" won't cut it.

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Swearing is a psycological defense. Which means that the more you swear, the more likely that you are hiding something

| Side: No

Fuck no..., wait... ;)

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1 point

You motherfucker I was gonna post that, stole my fucking joke.

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You have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat joe to the punch line ;)

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1 point

I believe that NO. I think people who often swear are not honest. I take the view that they get used to swear from childhood, because of nobody believe to them, so it is like their habit always to swear and try to proove you that "now" they tell the truth.

| Side: No

An sign of being rudely boisterous and obxnious.-----------

| Side: No
1 point

How so? Why does swearing mean you have to do it in a loud and excessive manner? Some people do, of course, but some people say "like" in an obnoxious manner, so...

| Side: Yes
1 point

How many times have anyone use profanity in whisper voice. The answer is none because profanity is a expression usually of anger, so this is typically done loudly.

Didn't say that other words are not used in the same manner.

| Side: No

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