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Are pro football players overpaid?


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no, they earn it

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In the sense that they receive the level of compensation that the market will bear due to the demand for their skills... no.

In the sense that it is absolutely ridiculuos that society places such a high premium on those skills that it is willing to compensate them millions of dollars for playing a game while we're paying the cancer researher who may potentially be working towards saving thousands of lives a fraction of that amount... yes.

I think the latter evaluation is the more rational one to make.

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• In recent poll over whether footballers are overpaid 160 out 180 said yes! That’s 160 people to 20! That’s 89%

• David Beckham gets paid over £24.1 a year! This is outrageous!

• Almost half the world is in poverty! How can we pay footballers ridiculous sums of money like this while children are dying of starvation, where man kills each other in war and people are under control of dictators.

• The average nurse earns 26-33 thousand pounds a year

• The average primary teacher earns 62-63 thousand pounds a year

• Footballers are paid a luxurious £676,000 a year!!!

• Nurses, firemen and policemen work extremely hard to keep everyone safe and they hardly earn a fraction of what footballers earn! Surely someone saving peoples lifes should get paid more that someone playing sport

• Football encourages conflict, between different clubs and their fans, this is rubbed off onto children, for example at my previous school when I was younger everybody was constantly arguing about who was the best football team, some boys even placed in school bets!

• Footballers have an outrageous behaviour as well! 1) no discipline, arguing with referee in inappropriate ways, what type of example is this for the children watching? There role models in conflict. 2) Many footballers even have affairs! This may be the source of the youth’s poor behaviour. An example of this is Wayne Rooney paying someone £1,200 to have sex with him! This is because they are paid so much there can literally buy anything.

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I think they are overpaid because they gain too much money when the superbowl happens and they get paid millions and then after that they get paid millions of cash

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Footballers are paid an average of £676,000 compared to a nurse there is £634,000 difference. Think about it. Nurses save lives while footballers kick a ball around a field but nurses deserve more! Footballers do not set a good example, especially to young people.

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They are overpaid but it is their agents that get them their high salaries.

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Well since it is less likely that anyone will take this side ...

Pro football players give up their bodies for our enjoyment, as well as their privacy. Football players are constantly being hit, many of them obtain injuries throughout the many seasons they play through. One of the most common of these injuries is the concussion. Meaning that their brains are getting knocked around the inside of their skull.

So they give up their bodies merely to entertain us as fans.

Pro football players also possess something we can only day dream of possessing. Real amazing raw talent. Many of us come to think that a business can't run without us as employees. We quickly learn that anyone can take over for us, as we may possess skills however these skills are common and easily found. Pro football players cannot be so easily replaced. When Walter Peyton retired a new Walter Peyton never formed. He was essentially never replaced. Just like many of the pros in the field today. Take Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher for instance they get injured and can no longer play you can put your money on it that the team doesn't have an immediate replacement. Nor will they likely replace them with someone who has nearly the amount of talent that they do.

Pros deserve everything they get.

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firstly footballers hardly give up their body for entertainment, yes they may receive a few pathetic injuries but everyone does this is nothing to do with them playing football. In addition soldiers give up their own LIFES for us and they get paid nothing compared to footballers!

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Funny, you are saying that they hardly ever get truly injured. Just minor things huh? The players whom work in the trenches, the running backs, and normally the quarterbacks as well end up developing brain issues.

I am personally a soldier and though I think we ought to be paid more, at the same time we signed up for what we receive. The military isn't begging us to join, civilians are begging the military to join. So I have no issues with our pay rates, in actuality making what we make with all living expenses paid for is a pretty good gig.

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It's entertainment, so they get paid according to the entertainment value provided. If less people bought NFL stuff and less people watched football, they would be paid less.

So it's hard to say they're overpaid.

In the case of the NFL I think they make terrible deals with owners in general and I'm surprised there hasn't been a strike for awhile.

Compared to the other major sports, football players make less and have shorter careers, yet they have the most fans consistantly.

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