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 Are schools a positive influence on health? (1)

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Are schools a positive influence on health?

Health has improved in schools over the years by adding healthy food options and encouraging physical activities. Now, schools offer a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that are readily available to students. Fun ways to stay active are becoming more popular in schools and sports are becoming more popular at a young age. Healthy living is being enforced at a very young age so kids are starting to enjoy being fit and eating well.
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I totally agree with all of that.

Schools are getting better at providing healthier food options, as well as encouraging and even mandating at least some physical exercise. This is needed, I feel, since so many kids nowadays do not get the correct supervision or health education at home. What with the drastic breakdown over the past two decades of the two-parent home.

When I was in elementary school a kid with only a mom and no dad at home was a rarity. Now--that scenario is hovering around 50% in some places, and higher (as much as 75%!) in inner-city schools.

Childhood obesity is a national epidemic. And a real threat to the future of our country. Take the disease we call Type II diabetes, for example.

Did you know that that disease was once referred to as "adult onset diabetes?" Oh yeah. But why is it not called that any longer? I will tell you why: because kids now get it very commonly. The rate at which under-18 year-olds have contracted Type II diabetes has increased 500% over the past ten years alone!

You may want to read that again!

Same deal. When I was in elementary school there might be one or two fatties in a class, a homeroom, of say 30 kids.

Nowadays? Shit, I bet almost half those kids would tip the scales at the same BMI of the one-time very rare (and much maligned) fat kid.

As a biologist and lifelong athlete, as well as somebody who will one day grow old and will depend on these kids to run this country, I find that simply unacceptable.

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It differs from country to country. In poor and corrupt countries government make policies just to fill there pocket and less benefit to people .school operated by such government provide poor quality of food. So even thought kids are given food in government school , malnutrition can be observed in small percentage of kids.