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Are the white libs on this site enjoying their white privilege?

What do you do with it?

Can you give it away?
How does it make you feel to have it?


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Hello i:

We HAVE white privilege at the expense of brown people.. It's not something to enjoy.


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Right...while I see brown people all around me doing better than the white people around me...

Me being a prime example. My browness didn't stop me from sh*t.

You're a prime victim of the religion of Cultural Marxism.

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Yet another new account Nom , my oh my you are an angry little man aren’t you ?

You call white privilege that thing where a sizable amount of American whites , work , pay taxes , and attempt to be good citizens yet somehow should feel guilty about a high proportion of American blacks who choose , to rob , murder , maim and loot all because the white man once had them enslaved and they’re .......still pissed 😤

You and Excon need to change the record , maybe the pair of yous should head down the nearest “hood “ and join the dawgs for Black history month ?

Imagine the shrieks of racism if the pair of yous heard of a white history month 🙀🙀

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