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Yes, they hate white people ;)

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Liberals are predominantly part of the Democratic party, and the Democratic party is the party of identity politics. Identity politics is focused on race. Draw your own conclusions.

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Quantumhead(740) Disputed
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Draw your own conclusions.

My conclusions are that you're a halfwit who spits out non-sequiturs and false syllogisms like grape seeds.

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Yes. They believe in the oppression of whites, and put other races down without actual evidence.

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Hello bront:

Sure.. But, liberals understand that the government should NOT operate on the basis of their own petty prejudices. Right wingers don't get that. If THEY hate black people, then the GOVERNMENT should hate black people.

A basic UNDERPINNING of democracy is that we give up vigilantism. You ought to consider it..


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Absolutely, both sides have people that were raised in racist homes or for some reason developed a hatred for a particular race or creed or religion. Liberals don't have them in epic proportions, or their own TV network that spreads the hatred, but, many do exist. We're working against it, not encouraging "white supremacy". :-)

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FromWithin(6011) Disputed
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The hypocrite works to end Liberal racists, while supporting the killing of viable unborn babies for any reason.

Which is worse, racism or infanticide? Try working to end both!

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AlofRI(1974) Clarified
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What hypocrite?? I don't "support the killing" of viable unborn babies. Never have! I DO support doing whatever is NECESSARY to protect the lives of anyone who is already living (and breathing) on this Earth. That includes "blacks", "browns", "yellows", "reds", "gays", "women", "mothers", (of ANY age), Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc. animals and the environment they live in.

YOU, on the other hand, seem to only worry about those who will "maybe" become a living, breathing entity. WHO is the hypocrite? I wish to protect the living and breathing before all others.

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The only people who are racists are racists.


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