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Are vegans more ethical/humane than non-vegetarians

Is it right to say that people who eat veg care more about animals and are more humane than non-veg eaters. And that no-veg eaters are cruel and don't care about animals


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This is coming from a six-year Vegan.

Neither side is more ethical or humane. Vegans and vegetarians simply make a choice not to eat meat/animal products. That's where that should end. If someone puts a steak in front of me, and says "eat it", and I say "No thanks", that cow won't magically become a living creature again because I chose not to eat it. It can be someone else's food.

Vegans/Vegetarians who judge people for eating meat/animal products are shitty, shitty people. They make the rest of us look as bad as Social Justice Warriors make the Left look to the average political onlooker. I don't care what you eat, I care what I eat. And that's the way it should be for all of us.

So for those of you who eat meat, eat on. That's what you enjoy, that's what makes you happy. So keep doing it. And we'll keep doing what we do. We eat less meat, there's more for the meat eaters now. Everyone's happy.

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Hello s:

Welcome to the site.

Am I unethical because I ENJOY meat?? No.. Is it humane to kill animals for food.. No, it ISN'T... Should I apologize for being a carnivore? No.


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Only if you presume the ethical values of the vegan in the first place...

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Some people feel like they can earn the right to exist outside of the fire of Hell by not eating animals; they are wrong.

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If they were vegan only because of health choices then no, level of ethics would not apply, BUT, for those who are vegan primarily because of respect for animal life it is fair to say they are "more ethical". And I arrive at that because they are choosing to live by a very strict diet code based on those beliefs. So much more effort goes into the lifestyle than for an omnivore. A comparison might be the question is a church minister more ethical than the average person. Yes, because they are more closely following a code of behavior based on their beliefs when compared to a typical average person.

But in both the vegan and the church minister examples the conclusion they are "more ethical" does not mean they are better people. In both cases the merit of things believed can be thoroughly debated. Just for one, I honestly don't understand why animal life is considered superior to plant life and thus not to be eaten. It takes all kinds of life to keep the ecosystem going. A rat is not automatically superior or higher in merit than an apple tree. Plus I believe analysis of our teeth and physiologies amply confirms we are omnivores, and if a living thing is doing what it was physically designed to do then you can't really fault it as being unethical.

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Definition of humane courtesy of merriam-webster

"marked by compassion, sympathy, or consideration for humans or animals"

Seems obvious.

I think it is wrong to pour the haterade on those who eat meat though. What am I going to damn every carnivore on the planet?

I dunno, maybe we could educate the alligators into eating their veggies...

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