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Are you a happy person?

I am pretty happy right now. I have been through some stuff, but I am happier than I have been for a long time, because I know what I need to do to serve Jesus and help people, and that makes me feel fulfilled. :D


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I'm generally a very happy person :)

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I get sad sometimes, but it's usually over very trivial things. I'm happy again in about an hour.

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I am happy-go-lucky. Happiness wards off illness. Being happy can be contagious.

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My insignificance in reality displeases me.

My displeasure depresses me.

My depression saddens me.

My sadness angers me.

My anger makes me envious of calm people.

My envy fuels my greed.

My greed fuels my gluttony.

My gluttony makes me lazy.

My laziness leaves me thinking of lustful thoughts.

My lustful thoughts remind me of my insignificance as I am just like any other animal.

My insignificance in reality displeases me.


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That is beautiful. Did you write it yourself? .

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"The greatest actors are the ones you see on the street, pretending to be happy"

I prefer to be saddened by my honesty than lie to myself

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Everything hurts.

Puking blood, can't afford medical expenses.

I feel so much pain that I think I'm gonna explode.

But that's an irrational thought, that won't happen.

Unless aliens probed me with mini bombs, which is highly improbable.

Losing balance, senses weakening. I sometimes lose consciousness at random times.

It's like sleep, but it's just darkness, can't move...i can still feel...which is weird cuz I don't do drugs. Maybe if I did them then I'd feel better, but then I couldn't find a decent job.

Drugs are a no no. Be cool, stay in school. College sucks, don't know why I go.

I guess to feel like I'm accomplishing something, it's really just an empty feeling.

I try to make myself happy with material things, the feeling fades as soon as I get it.

What is "happy"?

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Sitara: its not happiness. Its called mania. You need to take your medication. You know you're going to sink back to being depressed again if not.

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