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They needed the help Another working class rip-off
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Aren't you thrilled that in the dark of night billionaires got a huge tax cut?

The Republicans did it again.  They looted our treasury and gave the spoils to the billionaires who own them.  They promised their terminally stupid cult followers a tiny tax break that will melt away in a very few years while the giant tax breaks for the rich are permanent.  The result will be that the tax burden will be shifted even more onto the backs of the working class than ever before.  The economy will suffer and then the Republicans will come back with a plan to take down medicare, medicaid and most importantly Social Security which their billionaire banker benefactors have been drooling over for decades.  They'll have to take it all in order to fix a broken system that they themselves broke - again.

Just more proof that a working class citizen who votes for republicans is as stupid as a chicken who votes for Col. Sanders.

They needed the help

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Another working class rip-off

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I am thrilled.... VERY THRILLED!!!!!!!

I'm a middle class person who is FINALLY given a tax cut after eight long years of a Leftwing Democrat Socialist who used me like a pawn to buy his low income voting blocks.

Yes, I am thrilled having my standard deduction doubling from $12,000 to $24,000.

I am thrilled with having my 25% tax bracket when making a joint income of $90,000 lowered to 12%.

If i had children at home i would be thrilled with the increased tax credits for my children.

The lies that the puppets on the Left spew is mind boggling.

Do you EVER read the facts of the tax bill insted of listening to fake news?

Those lost home mortgage deductions are for large wealthy homes, not middle class homes. IT HURTS THE WEALTHY MORE THAN THE MIDDLE CLASS!

Those losses of State tax deductions mean nothing when the middle class now has a $24,000 STANDARD DEDUCTION!

Spew your leftwing rhetoric to someone without a brain, which would include most of the Democrat Party's voting blocks.

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Get it right. There are still two separate bills that have to be reconciled in a joint committee, and then voted on by both houses.

If both houses pass the bill that comes out of the joint committee, then it must be presented for the president's signature.

Only after the president signs it does it become law.

Only then does anyone get a tax cut.

Didn't you ever watch School House Rock? The "I'm Just a Bill" song explains all this.

Side: They needed the help

I am not thrilled about this. Even the government itself can't be thrilled about this.

I bet a few rich scumbags are throwing a ball over this though.

Side: Another working class rip-off
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As if the Koch Bros. needed help! They are just getting their investment back (with interest) for helping the conservatives get control of the Washington swamp ... so they could dredge it deeper for bigger creatures like, Wall Street Piranhas, Billionaire Alligators, Evangelical Boas and "real nice people" from the white supremacist side.

Yes, some middle class people got a "temporary tax cut" just long enough to score some points with short sighted people, and they'll probably not notice that every cent they got back on taxes, they lost on deductions, health care, education, etc. ..... with interest! They probably won't even notice that TRUMP is a YUGE winner! Interesting, how today, a LOSER can be a YUGE winner, isn't it??

Side: Another working class rip-off