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 Ask why Democrats care so much for illegal immigrants, but nothing for viable babies. (3)

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Ask why Democrats care so much for illegal immigrants, but nothing for viable babies.

You can never know a person or Party's true compassion and humanity on the basis of one issue. A truly compassionate, tolerant, inclusive person or Party would show a consistency in matters of humanity. In this way, we can know a person's heart, and see through the ulterior motives of politics.

So lets look at Democrats & their claims of being the compassionate Party.

Does it make sense why Democrats care so much for criminals who would break into our nation, putting their children, border police, and Americans in danger?

Yes, we all know that the majority of Democrats seem to have a love affair with the criminal element, more so than their possible victims. They love the idea of sanctuary cities for those who break the law.

They always side with those who would kill an unwanted baby purely out of convenience. The right of an innocent viable unborn life means nothing to them. We are not talking about extreme case abortions such as life of mother, etc.
We are talking about No Restriction abortions for any viable baby for any reason at any stage. This is what the Democrat Party supports!
Is this the action of truly compassionate people? Do you see a consistency when it comes to matters of humanity?

I have lived long enough to see through all the deceptive words from the Left. They talk a good game in making people believe they are the compassionate ones. They have the help of fake news and Liberal media outlets to push their narrative.
But when you break it all down, the Left's compassion is built on politics and votes. It's not the poor they care about, it's their vote!

That innocent viable life can not vote and has no voice to cry out for help. Democrats ignore the plight of our most vulnerable because the money and votes from feminist groups supersede compassion and humanity when it hurts their chances of winning elections.
They have no heart felt feelings for illegal immigrants. They merely care about future votes from millions more people living off our social programs.
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They don't care about illegal immigrants. They see them as a weapon to force us into Socialism.

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I know they care nothing for illegal immigrants. They have no true compassion for people. We know this because there is not one viable baby alive that they are willing to protect.

You know a person's heart by what they support.

We are both correct when we say the left uses Illegal immigrants for political purposes.

Republicans are no longer winning the majority of votes when it comes to the abortion issue, but guess what?

Humanity supersedes elections in the hearts of truly compassionate people.

People who truly care for the poor, will do everything possible to get them off Government dependence, and living productive self supporting lives.

Democrats seem to do everything in their power to keep people on Government dependence.