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 Ask yourself why gun control fanatics are fearful of guns. Is fake news fear mongering? (3)

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Ask yourself why gun control fanatics are fearful of guns. Is fake news fear mongering?

Children die in much larger numbers from drunk driving, drowning, etc. etc

So ask yourself why does the left so fear the gun?

There is only one answer. To take control of the people, Government must first disarm the people. So for Socialists to get control of a nation's freedoms, they must first get you to fear the gun. This is why with every murder of a child by gun, they sensationalize the story and make the low end ignorant people think it is the number one cause of death to our children.

IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE! Democrats never propose back ground checks in bars to save the lives of children from repeat DWI offenders. WHY?

The Left wants you to believe the sky is falling, the sky is falling, and it's the gun's fought! FEAR MONGERING ALL THE TIME!

Must be all the millions of people who understand it is not the gun, but the person holding the gun that murders people, do not love their children. I guess we are ok with our children being gunned down in schools.

No, we have enough common sense to understand that most the restrictions Democrats wanted to put on law abiding purchasers of guns, would not have prevented most of the school shootings.

We understand there is a far greater chance our children will be killed by a drunk driver, then some lunatic with a gun. But the Democrat Party never proposes back ground checks for repeat DWI drivers in bars, etc.

Gee I wonder why? I guess they don't have to take your alcohol to control the people.
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With Liberals, it is NEVER about the thing.

They don't want you disarmed because "guns are dangerous". They want you disarmed to get you out of the way of their dystopian Socialist dream. If you're armed, you pose a threat to this dream and the powers that plan on implementing it.

Do they truly think Capitalism is illogical? No. They know fully well that it isn't illogical. It's simply in the way of their socialist dream.

Do they really hate religion? No. They will defend Islam in a second. Christianity is simply in the way of their socialist dream. Christians tend to not foam at the mouth over foreign theologies.

Do they really hate Whites? No. It's just that Whites are the race opposing unbridled multiculturism, and unbridled multiculturism, with an invasion of third world migrants is the highway to their socialist dream.

Do they truly hate Donald Trump? No. Joe Scarborough was lapping up NRA money at one time and praising Trump like a god just a couple years ago. So were most liberals. Libs were even proposing a wall, greater border patrol and demonizing illegal aliens pre Trump. He's simply in the way of their socialist dream.

Every example you gave of why the Left ridicules certain segments of our population is correct.

I will add that the Left must also pander to every group that furthers their socialistic agendas.

We scratch our heads as to why the Left says little about the millions of broken homes, fatherless children, criminal drug users living off welfare, rampant promiscuous sex creating abandoned children, No Restriction abortions killing viable Special Need's babies for simply being diverse, gang shootings, outrageous Obamacare premiums and deductibles, rampant illegal immigration, etc. etc.

Not only do they ridicule responsible Americans who are in the way of their socialist goals, but they lift up all manners of irresponsible behavior that creates a culture dependent on Government.

Why do you so fear guns but not other things that kill far more?