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 Atheists, prove to me that there is no God. (109)

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Atheists, prove to me that there is no God.

Give me all your best arguments that make you follow atheism and I can show that they are all false because God is real.

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Theists, prove to me that there is no Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Give me all your best arguments that make you follow God and I can show that they are all false because the Flying Spaghetti Monster is real.

Facadeon(510) Disputed
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No, there is no flying spaghetti monster because it is nonsense. I know God is real because there are witnesses, and miracles and I know he is there- I can feel it.

iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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No, there is no god because it is nonsense. I know the Flying Spaghetti Monster is real because there are witnesses, and miracles and I know he is there- I can feel it.

nahga(81) Disputed
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neither 'feelings' nor anecdotes are evidence or proof of the supernatural, or a god. to assert the opposite is to commit the fallacy of reification. better known as 'misuse of anecdotal evidence'.

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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They cannot prove that there is no Flying Spaghetti Monster and I will tell you why: There is a Flying Spaghetti Monster and He loves us.

keenEdge(23) Disputed
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You'll need to help me here. Allow me to outline the argument you just made:

God is real.

God loves us.

Therefore, God must be real.

In case it's not blatantly clear, your statement doesn't make any real sense. Please... this is a place for logical discussion and argument, not for an unsupported statement with no logical connection to anything. Besides, it's as I said in the other post. The rules of argument for any philosophical or scientific (this happens to be both) debate requires the asserting party to provide proof. It does not work like this:

I believe I can travel to the Moon by flying myself there with spirit-power!

And I know it's true because none of you can prove me wrong because you can't see me!

Keep it reasonable, please.

nahga(81) Disputed
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Your argument could only be described as laughable. its a perfect circle. i asked is anyone could make a logically consistent argument for a god and not one theist has managed to do so. only one out of 200 million american theists even bothered to try and he submitted a fallacious and logically laughable argument appealing to 'feelings'. and you, you appeal to 'esoteric knowledge of an unknown origin'. theistic arguments like this make atheists look like geniuses.

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In any reasoned debate, the burden of proof lies with the party asserting a claim. Since Christianity was (at one point in time) nonexistent, it shall be understood that Christianity is an assertion of the truth.

So, logically speaking, prove to atheists that there is a God.

For your viewing pleasure :)
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Eh, don't feel like it.

You continue believing in what you believe. I'll focus on stuff that's real.

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I can't! But you can't prove God exists either... so....

The burden of proof is never on the negative, but besides the numerous logical stances that invalidate anything proposed by theists I propose the Ayn Rand approach. If existence exists then two axioms( preconditions for proof) are established: the axiom of identity and the axiom of existence. The axiom of existence states that reality takes place in a plain of existence( no duh) and the axiom of identity states that everything in existence has properties that make it what is is A.K.A possessing identity. The concept of infinity doesn't mean large or any determinable adjective, it means larger then any known or presented variable. As such an object said to be infinite lacks identity, therefor it doesn't take place in existence, therefor it doesn't exist. The only position one can really take against this approach is claiming reality does not operate off of objective logic (which is the position any theist would have to take) and as such, they place themselves outside the protocol of logic. As such, you can not "prove" anything to theists. Their realty is subjective to whatever whims they need to fulfill in order to sustain their happy little bubble of ignorance.

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I can no more disprove The Judeo-Christian God than I can Greek and Roman Gods. I also cannot disprove Egyptian, Norse, Aztec, Celtic, or Mesopotamian Gods. I cannot disprove spirits, fairies, ghosts, angels, demons, or genies. In that sense all supernatural entities are on an equal footing.

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Which God? There are many you know. But I'll assume you're referring to the Abrahamic God. And the answer is simple: we don't need to disprove God's existence, theists need to prove it. But what atheists can do, is put a probability on God's existence. Just because we can neither prove, nor disprove God's existence, it doesn't mean they are equally probable. The discovery of CMB only consolidates the Big Bang theory, and M-theory is an interesting take on what happened "before" the Big Bang. In other words, there is no need for a God. Not to mention the countless arguments against God, both scientific and philosophical.

And yes, I object to the idea that the existence of God is purely philosophical. Any hypothesis must be placed under scientific scrutiny. The only reason theists object to science, is because there is ZERO scientific evidence that agrees with them. I'd bet my house that if Stephen Hawking came out tomorrow and revealed to the world conclusive evidence for God's existence, all theists would drop their philosophical, NOMA nonsense, and start rubbing it in atheists faces.

I don't know when it will be, but I'm pretty confident that one day, we will be able to disprove God's existence. Even then though, I still think theists would "cheat". God works in ways so conveniently mysterious, that he just happens to defy all science.

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This whole question doesn't make sense.

Atheists dont need proof that there isnt a god, theists need proof that there is.

this is because

Theists are making the assertion, Atheists are denying this assertion because there is no proof. Asking atheists to disprove it is ignorant. There is no way to disprove something like god because the idea of god is of a thing that is, by definition, invisible and beyond the scope of scientific observation.

God is not a scientifically testable theory. You really need to understand that science cannot disprove non-scientific claims.

Lern how to ask questions that make sense.

I am an atheist because there is no proof for god. I am an athiest because the three scientific perspectives that deal with humans and human groups suggests that the idea of god arose in human populations for psychological, anthropological, and sociological reasons. The scientifically based notion of atheism is about the likelihood of gods existence in light of scientific perspectives and emperical evidence (that there is none that supports the idea of god). God is incompatible with physics insofar as the actions of god (described in the bible) violate the basic laws of physics. We have never observed violations of physics

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Prove it

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gois listen up! there is no way to prove or disprove god. quit asking for proof debate about wether you believe or not but there is no possible proof so again don't ask!

wether i believe,

well until god is proven(which will never happen) i will continue my current attitude toward god, which iss... who the hell cares if he exists. don't even ponder it religion just starts wars. the main point of religion(to be a good person) can be met without having to believe in god. so believe if you must but don't bother me with it.

p.s. theists are the ones with something to prove, they are making the claim so yeah.

Some gods exist, some gods might exist, and some gods don't exist. First define the god in question.

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1. For thousands of years theists have contended there are gods and thousands of them have been named, but there has yet to be an iota of objective physical evidence for any god. would you say that all gods spend all of their time hiding? each theistic religion has a cleverly concocted excuse as to why it's god is empirically unavailable. yet so many of these unavailable, apparently absent gods are said to be 'everywhere'.

2. Physical evidence is a residual indicator of a physical interaction. Things that are claimed to be 'spiritual' are normally defined as immaterial. things that are immaterial do not interact with the physical world, so there could be no indication of such an interaction. hence there could be no evidence of a god's existence or nonexistence. religion, in attempting to make god logically unassailable, has 'defined god into nonexistence' by calling him 'a spirit'. Things that do not exist, do not leave evidence of their nonexistence because they don't interact with anything. interaction would require them to actually exist physically. so there could be no 'evidence of their nonexistence', and unless you place them 'in a box' there could be no proof of their nonexistence.

3. this is all basic stuff. it isn't hard to grasp, which is why atheists truly pity those who fallaciously ask for 'negative proof' in a world where there is not an iota of objective evidence , for the existence a god. let alone 'proof'.

4. we exist in a world where no god is detectable , so the logical assumption is, there is no god. yet theists claim there is. thats why they have the burden of proof. their claim goes against everything that we have the ability to ascertain.

Unless you're being disingenuous, i hope you now see the pointlessness of asking for negative proof.

God is real because the universe is real. The only observable thing in existence that's all-powerful and all-knowing is existence itself. The very nature of existence is God. I am God. You are God. We are all God. God is no bearded man in the sky. God is you and everything you cherish. God is the humanity in your heart, and the fury of the weather. God was the Pillars of Creation which created the first stars billions of years ago. God is gravity, weak and strong nuclear force, and electromagnetic force. God is everything that exists. Worship what you cherish and you surely worship God.

Though to be completely honest, I usually just call 'God' nature (which I decided to make clear so people don't think I'm a hypocrite).